Affiliate Marketers for President | Election Day

The earliest polls opened at 6:00 AM EST to kick off Election Day 2016. As you know, Affiliate Marketers for President, parts one and two have presented a thorough analysis of revenue resulting from affiliate marketing promotion by LinkConnector affiliates and merchants in each U.S. state (and D.C.). Leading up to week four of cumulative revenue data, neither the Affiliate party nor the Merchant party had achieved the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Affiliate Marketing Election. LC affiliates, however, have maintained a slight lead over LC merchants throughout the entirety of this race. The affiliates’ consistent campaign promotional efforts over the last four weeks have paid off, and have ultimately earned them bragging rights. Read More...


Affiliate Marketers for President | Part 2

In the four weeks leading up to the Presidential Election, we are keeping a close eye on revenue resulting from Affiliate Marketing promotion in each state. The affiliate marketing electoral map represents online revenue attributed to LinkConnector merchants and affiliates between 10/10/16 and 10/30/16—a three-week timeframe. Total revenue numbers determine a winner in each state, and the state’s electoral votes are awarded to the appropriate party. Read More...


Affiliate Marketers for President

Over the next two weeks, we will be keeping a close eye on the revenue generated by LinkConnector merchants and affiliates, and what may be contributing to various spikes and drop offs in their numbers. Each Tuesday between now and the 8th of November, we will refresh our affiliate marketing electoral map with cumulative revenue data in the four weeks leading up to Election Day. The current map represents online revenue generated by LinkConnector merchants and affiliates between 10/10/16 and 10/23/16. Read More...


It’s Trendy Halloween Season

Trendy Halloween is kicking off its peak revenue season with online consumers top of mind for Halloween. This Southern California based merchant is a popular pick among LinkConnector affiliates heading into the end-of-year holiday season. LinkConnector’s Merchant Support team recently spent time with Dora Alfaro, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing at Trendy Halloween, to gain insight into the success of its growing affiliate program. Read More...


mThink and Jackie Bates Talk Trends in Affiliate Marketing

mThink Blue Ribbon Panel Member, Jackie Bates, recently sat down with Revenue to discuss trends in performance marketing today. Here, a Q & A on three key trends in performance marketing. Read More...


Cookie Survival: A New Standard

Typically, in the affiliate marketing industry, a contract between a merchant and affiliate can be changed with seven days notice. While it is good business ethics to provide such notice, isn’t it also good business ethics to honor all contract terms prior to said change?

LinkConnector has implemented a change to our Merchant Terms and Conditions to protect the investment an affiliate makes at the time of promotion of the merchant’s products or services.

post Enters Peak Online Revenue Season

Twenty years after its establishment in 1994, the web’s first Halloween store,, enters its peak online revenue season. It is headquartered in the entertainment capital of the world, but its sales and clientele reach far beyond the confines of its home in Las Vegas, NV. Together with its long-time OPM, AM Navigator, has prepared numerous promotions to help you maximize your earnings this Halloween season.

LinkConnector’s Manager of Affiliate Operations, Wes Carnes recently sat down with Heather George, Vice President of and Geno Prussakov, Founder and CEO of AM Navigator to gain some perspective on the successful working relationship between this online retailer and their OPM.

Gear Up for the Holidays With Getty Images


Getty Images, creator and distributor of the world’s finest imagery and stock footage, is thrilled to kick off one of their peak seasons as the holidays approach. What does this mean for affiliates? It is an opportunity to target communicators (from corporations to individual graphics designers and bloggers) and earn commissions of up to 20% per sale from the trusted Getty Images brand.

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The Wicked Wardrobes of the Midwest: A Holiday Exclusive With Costumes Galore, Inc.


October 31st is a month away, which means it is time for Halloween planning. Pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, costume parties, haunted houses, horror movies—the Halloween to-do list goes on forever. Luckily, Costumes Galore, Inc. has numerous promotions ready and waiting to help you prepare your website and maximize your sales and earnings this season.

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Is Performance Marketing For Everyone?

FeedFront - Issue 28

Some online merchants consider Performance Marketing their only strategy, while others don’t consider it at all, begging the question: Is Performance Marketing for everyone? 

Well, the short answer is, of course, Yes. The longer answer, however, isn’t quite so simple. Many new merchants tend to think performance marketing is the only marketing they need, while established merchants think of it as a red-headed stepchild (my apologies to red-headed stepchildren).

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