5 Enemies of Normal That Will Make Your Program Better

Tara McCommons took the stage on day one of Affiliate Management Days, to ignite conversation around key strategies that have fueled affiliate program growth for online retailers of all shapes and sizes. Tara illustrated her five-step approach using key stats and live examples—ultimately guiding her audience of affiliate managers and digital strategists down the path to a better affiliate program. Here’s a quick recap:

Humanize Your Program
Take the time to know your consumers on a more personalized level. Be authentic. Understand your consumer.

  • What’s their role?
  • Where do they work?
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their goals?
  • What are their shopping preferences?
  • Barriers to entry?

Shutterfly does a great job here.


Empower Your Affiliates
How can an affiliate promote your brand successfully if they don’t know your:

  • Top Selling Categories
  • Exclusive Products
  • Top Selling Regions
  • Peak Season, Secondary Peak Season…

Give your affiliates something to work with! Only 14% of online buyers believe an offer received directly from a merchant will be the best offer (Forrester). Give your affiliates the means to capture the 86% of online buyers left looking for better deals.


Diversify Your Reach
Tara stressed the importance of reaching diverse audiences by working with different types of affiliates. Average programs rely on only three types of affiliates to drive about 90% of their revenue. Imagine the potential left on the table.


Invest in Organic Relationships
93% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know (Brandwatch). Don’t forget or undervalue the power of social media.


Stand Out, Be Noticed
Show your strengths! The second most important factor affiliates consider when selecting a program to promote is the brand’s affiliate program reputation.


Tara closed her session by sharing some extraordinary affiliate program pages including examples from BuildASign, Scrubs & Beyond and Shutterfly. Follow the conversation on Twitter: #AMDays


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