10 Years in the Making

Building strong, lasting relationships has always been a priority for LinkConnector. Why? Because success in performance marketing hinges on the relationships we create for our merchants and affiliates. The loyalty and dedication our 10-year merchants have committed to their LC programs has been a huge driver in the success of their campaigns over the years. We are proud to welcome the following brands into LinkConnector’s 10 Year Anniversary Club


GlobalGolf Increases Revenue with Naked Coupon Technology

The number of merchants benefitting from LinkConnector’s Naked Coupon technology continues to climb in 2017. Why? There is a constant demand for retailers to support the needs of an increasingly innovative affiliate population with the ability to transparently propel merchant brands into multiple channels (including offline). By implementing Naked Coupon capabilities, merchants open the door to a much broader range of promotional methods.


Exclusive Interview with

Now is the time to promote tax merchants—in fact, 50% of tax returns are completed by mid-February., an established LC merchant of four years, is in its peak season now. Given that 91% of tax returns were e-filed in 2016, the earning opportunity is significant. offers one of the most aggressive payouts and highest converting products in the tax filing space. Unique to the program, affiliates earn commission on both purchases and free fillings.


It’s Trendy Halloween Season

Trendy Halloween is kicking off its peak revenue season with online consumers top of mind for Halloween. This Southern California based merchant is a popular pick among LinkConnector affiliates heading into the end-of-year holiday season. LinkConnector’s Merchant Support team recently spent time with Dora Alfaro, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing at Trendy Halloween, to gain insight into the success of its growing affiliate program.

post Enters Peak Online Revenue Season

Twenty years after its establishment in 1994, the web’s first Halloween store,, enters its peak online revenue season. It is headquartered in the entertainment capital of the world, but its sales and clientele reach far beyond the confines of its home in Las Vegas, NV. Together with its long-time OPM, AM Navigator, has prepared numerous promotions to help you maximize your earnings this Halloween season.

LinkConnector’s Manager of Affiliate Operations, Wes Carnes recently sat down with Heather George, Vice President of and Geno Prussakov, Founder and CEO of AM Navigator to gain some perspective on the successful working relationship between this online retailer and their OPM.

Gear Up for the Holidays With Getty Images


Getty Images, creator and distributor of the world’s finest imagery and stock footage, is thrilled to kick off one of their peak seasons as the holidays approach. What does this mean for affiliates? It is an opportunity to target communicators (from corporations to individual graphics designers and bloggers) and earn commissions of up to 20% per sale from the trusted Getty Images brand.

Vector sites, coupon and loyalty affiliates, and bloggers are a just a few examples of known performers with the Getty affiliate marketing program. Getty is eager to deepen their affiliate relationships as they focus future online expansion endeavors within areas outside of North America and Europe. Their online reach is extensive and their commitment to arming affiliates with competitive offers is unparalleled—a statement we can attest to as Getty approaches its 7th year within the LC network.

LinkConnector’s Director of Merchant Relations, Jen King recently conducted an interview with Scott Bodie, Senior Online Marketing Specialist at Getty Images to get the most recent, inside scoop on Getty’s affiliate program.

  1. What is it about your product/service that people love the most, or makes it stand out from your competitors?

Getty Images is among the world’s leading creators and distributors of award-winning still imagery, videomusic and multimedia products. Its best-in-class photographers and imagery help customers produce inspiring work which appears every day in the world’s most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, television programs, books and online media. A selection of the finest work on Getty from 2013 can be found on our InFocus site.

Do you have any upcoming exciting news/products that your affiliates and customers should be on the lookout for? Read More

The Wicked Wardrobes of the Midwest: A Holiday Exclusive With Costumes Galore, Inc.


October 31st is a month away, which means it is time for Halloween planning. Pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, costume parties, haunted houses, horror movies—the Halloween to-do list goes on forever. Luckily, Costumes Galore, Inc. has numerous promotions ready and waiting to help you prepare your website and maximize your sales and earnings this season.

Predictably, Halloween is the peak season for Costumes Galore. This family-owned business started with inventory of a few dozen home-sewn costumes available for rent, and in less than a decade, it blossomed into an online retail powerhouse. It now supports 120 full time employees, and operates out of a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Mankato, Minnesota. The company generates its top online sales between the months of September and October, requiring it to bring in over a thousand seasonal workers this time, each year.

LC Merchant Representative, Aaron St. Gelais recently conducted an interview with Lee Burg, Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Costumes Galore, to learn more about the company and to get a feel for how its affiliate program works during its busiest season.

Aaron: What is it about Costume Galore’s products that people love the most? What makes it stand out from its competitors?

Lee: We can proudly say that has the largest inventory of Halloween costumes and accessories on the web, a feat made possible by carrying more plus size costumes and more exclusive styles than any of our competitors. In addition to constantly expanding the products on each of our category pages, we have created an unmatched user experience by launching unique tools that make the costume purchasing process both pleasant and seamless. Highlights include our Fit Finder tool, Group and Couples Costume Selector, and Custom Mask Creator.

Aaron: What two or three traits stand out to you the most when selecting and working with an affiliate partner?

Lee: When working with current affiliate partners or recruiting new partners, three main things we look for are:

Whether or not they fall within our Halloween niche
The strength of their site
Feedback/reviews to confirm that they practice ethical marketing techniques

Aaron: Where do you go to continue growing your affiliate marketing knowledge base?

Lee: We seek to expand our knowledge, discover new ideas, and stay up to date on industry best practices, through reading authoritative affiliate marketing blogs and forums. Between constantly changing Nexus laws and an affiliate marketing landscape that’s always evolving, it’s important to take the necessary time to do research. Networks are working tirelessly to develop that “next big tool” that will separate them from the rest, so we certainly don’t want to be the uninformed merchant that missed a new development!

Aaron: What bonuses, rewards, or other techniques have you tried to increase affiliate productivity?

Lee: We’ve tested quite a few techniques to increase activity. To name a few:

We send out monthly newsletters detailing new promotions, links, and banners.
We are always open to exploring paid placement options and discussing revenue share increases
We’ve run incentivized giveaways for our affiliates and plan to do more of these in the future Read More