If you missed LinkConnector’s newly promoted Director of Affiliate Relations, John Nardolilli presenting at the Passive Internet Income Opportunities Conference (PIIO) this past Saturday, don’t panic! Here is a recap of his insightful session on getting started in Affiliate Marketing.

John has been part of the LinkConnector team for nearly a decade and has been instrumental in developing and nurturing strategic affiliate relationships. During this conference, John spoke to an audience of eager learners, more specifically, an audience of people interested in earning additional income outside their daily 9am – 5pm careers.

His presentation was chock-full of actionable insights on how to begin earning money online, and covered all the beginning steps in becoming an affiliate marketer. He explained each of the of the primary affiliate promotional types, provided a how-to guide on finding and joining the best affiliate networks, and suggested best practices on identifying merchant programs. Below is just a snapshot of some of the core items John introduced at PIIO.

What Are The Primary Affiliate Types?

Provides product, service or brand comparisons
Educates, informs or entertains consumers
Offers discounts & promotional coupon codes
Promotes via graphical or textual ads on relevant sites
Emails offers to affiliate-owned, double opt-in lists
Incentivizes shoppers with cash back or other rewards
Utilizes SEM (PPC) expertise to capture buying customers
Advertises on social networking platforms

Joining Your Choice Network

It is important for affiliate marketers to ensure their site is complete, accurate and functional before beginning the network application process. Why? Safeguarding against fraudulent affiliates is a priority for LinkConnector and other top affiliate networks. In many cases, incomplete websites and inaccurate application information triggers red flags during the application process and can hurt your chances of being approved. If you have questions or are unsure whether or not your site is ready, reach out to your prospective network; they will likely be able to talk you through the finishing touches and make sure your site is good to go.

Locating Merchant Programs Within Networks

Once accepted into a network, it is time to start researching and finding merchant programs to promote. Use network search tools and other available filters to locate programs that fit well with your site content. If you are declined from promoting a particular program, follow up with your network contact for an explanation. There could be several reasons why a merchant would deny an affiliate from promoting their brand: Nexus laws, lack of content, unrelated content, etc. You may find through your inquiry that the reason you were denied is out of your control and therefore nothing to worry about. Conversely, you may find it is a simple fix that will improve your website and allow you to start promoting that particular merchant.

Affiliate Tracking Links

You can locate tracking links within the affiliate platform. Use the help section to educate yourself on the different types of links and how to place them on your site. If you are not familiar with html, make sure you have someone that can help you through this step. It is important to ensure those links are implemented correctly.

Affiliate Merchant Relationships

Always be proactive and communicative with your merchant contact. Strive to educate them on your methods of promotion so they are always in the loop. Provide your merchant contacts with useful data (the good and the bad) so they are in tune with your progress. Last but not least, document your relationships with your merchant contacts. Keeping track of your conversations will be beneficial should you ever need to refer back to past conversations.

PIIO is an exceptional resource for those looking to earn an income without directly interacting with the consumer. The sessions were jam packed with fresh, new information to help increase your knowledgebase and your income. We look forward to future growth with this conference..

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