As legend has it, Valentine’s Day originated during the oppressive rule of third-century Roman Emperor, Claudius II. Claudius demanded that all Romans worship twelve gods under the threat of death. When a religious man, Valentinus, was caught ministering to Christians, he was arrested and imprisoned for his refusal to stop worshiping Christ.

During his imprisonment, Valentinus spent time with Julia, the blind daughter of one of his jailers. She sat upon Valentinus’ knee and absorbed his thoughtful lessons on nature, arithmetic, and religion. On the eve of his death, Valentinus sat praying with Julia and suddenly the prison cell erupted with the light of a miracle. Julia’s eyes had been healed!

Before Valentinus was executed on February 14, 270 A.D., he wrote Julia a farewell letter. It was signed “From your Valentine.”

There are a few different versions of the true origin of Valentine’s day. The one above is known as the most romantic of them all.

Oh, how the romance has flourished throughout the centuries! Check out the predictions for Valentine’s Day spending trends in 2015.



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