Now is the time to promote tax merchants—in fact, 50% of tax returns are completed by mid-February., an established LC merchant of four years, is in its peak season now. Given that 91% of tax returns were e-filed in 2016, the earning opportunity is significant. offers one of the most aggressive payouts and highest converting products in the tax filing space. Unique to the program, affiliates earn commission on both purchases and free fillings.

  • commission rate starts at 40%
  • Affiliates receive a $1.40 flat commission on any free tax filing. This means affiliates earn commission even when customers do not pay.

View Campaign     Promote provides online personal income tax software for e-filing both federal and state taxes. This software simplifies the filing process by providing easy-to-answer questions in a step-by-step approach.’s software allows tax filers to pause the filing process, save their entries and come back to it at a later time—which could range anywhere from a few days to a few months. To ensure that affiliates are compensated for this type of situation, E-file provides a lengthy 120-day cookie.

In the thick of’s peak earning season, LC Director of Affiliate Relations, John Nardolilli, sat down with’s Director of Marketing, Aaron Rosenthal to understand more about the highly lucrative earning opportunities for affiliates during tax season and how this niche merchant helps its affiliate partners succeed.

John: What is it about your tax filing service that people love the most? What makes it stand out from your competitors?
Aaron: We have always sought to provide consumers with powerful DIY tax software at a low price. We do this by offering a full feature software program via the cloud and since we don’t have additional distribution costs we can provide a product at a cost that is nearly half the price of many competitors. Plus, when taxpayers electronically transmit their return instead of mailing, they can receive their refund much quicker.

John: Which affiliate promotional methods do you believe to be most effective for your tax services?
Aaron: Besides those websites that provide information specific to income tax filing, we see coupon and deal sites do very well, in addition to affiliate sites that utilize paid search advertising.

John: What bonuses, rewards or other techniques have you used to increase affiliate productivity?
Aaron: We offer commission that is typically double what other companies in the tax vertical offer. starts new affiliates at 40% and can provide top affiliates even more. Any new affiliate that drives 25 or more customers who file their taxes with us before the 28th of February will receive an additional $200 bonus.

John: What is the top season for your tax service? 
Aaron: We have an extremely short season. It is basically three months.  Things kick into gear when the IRS begins accepting electronic transmissions (this year January 23rd) and ends on Tax Day this year, April 18th.



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