Did you know LinkConnector and Feedonomics have teamed up to enable LC merchants to get the most out of their product feeds? Feedonomics is a company specializing in product feed development and optimization for online merchants. Through product feed optimization, merchants drive stronger results from their affiliate partners.

Feedonomics stands out from their competition with several unique merchant benefits. We talked with their Cofounder and Chief Architect, Brian Roizen, to learn more.

LC: What problems does Feedonomics overcome for online merchants?

BR: We offer superb help with product feed issues. One of the main benefits of Feedonomics is full service, 24/7 support. Merchants can rest easy knowing that unexpected feed issues will be resolved.

LC: What are the primary benefits of Feedonomics that merchants may not receive with other Product Feed Optimization companies?

BR: One of the benefits we offer is our 100% full service, 24/7 support. With backup like that, merchants can focus on making executive decisions knowing that an experienced team will make them happen.

Feedonomics is also very flexible and scalable. At a high level, any kind of data optimization you can describe in English is possible. Our platform is lightning fast, capable of processing millions of products in minutes. This gives every merchant, no matter how large their catalog may be, the confidence that their feed will be ready in no time.

We take pride in offering the best value possible for our clients. Pricing is simply based on your SKU count, unlike other companies who go as far as collecting revenue shares. When you consider the quality of the feed, the amount of time saved to go live on multiple channels, and the full-service support, it’s easy to see why we are an obvious choice for most merchants.

LC: What are some of the main reasons LinkConnector merchants should work with Feedonomics?

BR: Feedonomics makes it simple for retailers using any eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to optimize their feeds and better empower affiliate promotion. We even have the ability to make a custom optimized feed for LinkConnector.

And, LC merchant partners get special discounted pricing if they sign up through LinkConnector.


We are excited to introduce Feedonomics as a partner solution for merchants to dramatically boost product feed performance.  Contact Merchant Support to learn more.

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