Selecting an account level that best suits the needs of your affiliate program can be tricky. Maybe your program is quickly growing and you need a little additional guidance running your campaigns; or maybe your affiliate marketing guru has permanently left the building and you need an expert affiliate manager to take over ASAP.

LinkConnector’s account management options are designed to fit your affiliate program needs and budget, regardless of the size of your business.

We wanted to hear directly from one of our merchant partners on how LinkConnector’s mid-level, Co-Managed account services impacted their program. Merchants at the Co-Managed level gain access to LinkConnector’s proprietary technologies and are paired with a dedicated account manager to offer feedback and guidance on campaign strategies. We recently sat down Easy Canvas Prints to hear how various features at the Co-Managed account level have impacted their affiliate marketing program.

How does your relationship with your LinkConnector account manager differ from your relationships with account managers in other affiliate networks?
We have a much more personal relationship with our Link Connector rep, Wes. We have greater transparency with Wes and are able to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers we understand; this does not happen with other network reps.

What are some of the most notable qualities available to you with LinkConnector’s Co-Managed Account, and how have these qualities made an impact for Easy Canvas Prints?
Our LC rep helps us with any publisher issues and makes sure everything is running smoothly. If we have problems, it’s usually an easy fix and not a long drawn out issue like we’ve had in other networks. This helps us to not worry about our LinkConnector publishers and focus our time and efforts on other areas, as we are confident our rep will handle any problems efficiently.

What approaches have proven effective in boosting Easy Canvas Prints’ performance among LC affiliates? Have you found any strategies to spark performance from new affiliates? How has LinkConnector helped introduce and maintain some of these affiliate relationships?
Recently we’ve been seeking to expand the Easy Canvas Prints affiliate program, and LC has been instrumental in finding and recruiting new affiliates for us. They have been seeking out newsletter opportunities, which is our best performing media.

How are LinkConnector’s reporting capabilities, such as the Campaign Performance Report, of value to your program?
The reports help track affiliate performance and help us identify our top performing LC’s reporting system is more robust than some of those provided in other networks.

Which of LinkConnector’s technologies do you find most unique and useful? How has it added value to your affiliate program?
Our account rep, Wes, is the most valuable part of LinkConnector. He has helped us find new affiliates and get new placements and effectively grow our affiliate program.

Can you tell us a little bit about the interests of Easy Canvas Prints’ top converting customer segments?
Easy Canvas Prints’ top converting customer segments are females and parents aged 28-56.

What is Easy Canvas Prints peak season? Secondary peak season?
Easy Canvas Prints’s peak season is Q4, the winter holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.) and secondary peak is Mother’s Day.

What is one thing you want affiliates to know about the Easy Canvas Prints brand?
We manufacture all of our products right here in Austin, Texas in a production facility right across the street from our headquarters!

What are some fun/unique/interesting facts about Easy Canvas Prints? What makes your brand more human?
We give back to our community! We hold a lot of fundraisers for various causes in Austin. We also proudly support our troops and provide banners and large cards for military welcome home parties.

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If you are currently a partner in the LinkConnector network, we encourage you to contact our merchant support team with questions regarding our Co-Managed account services.
If you are not currently working with LinkConnector, we invite you to contact our sales team to learn more about our managed account services.

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