post Enters Peak Online Revenue Season

Twenty years after its establishment in 1994, the web’s first Halloween store,, enters its peak online revenue season. It is headquartered in the entertainment capital of the world, but its sales and clientele reach far beyond the confines of its home in Las Vegas, NV. Together with its long-time OPM, AM Navigator, has prepared numerous promotions to help you maximize your earnings this Halloween season.

LinkConnector’s Manager of Affiliate Operations, Wes Carnes recently sat down with Heather George, Vice President of and Geno Prussakov, Founder and CEO of AM Navigator to gain some perspective on the successful working relationship between this online retailer and their OPM.

Wes Carnes Manager of Merchant Operations LinkConnector

Wes Carnes
Manager of Merchant Operations

Heather George Vice President

Heather George
Vice President

Geno Prussakov Founder & CEO AM Navigator

Geno Prussakov
Founder & CEO
AM Navigator

Wes: What is it about’s products that people love the most? What makes them stand out from your competitors?

Heather: Our buyers seek merchandise others don’t offer. We look for quality and unique products. We also really pride ourselves on customer service and going the extra mile. Being in business for over 20 years, there’s a reason why customer always come back to us!

Wes: Do you have any upcoming exciting news and/or products that your affiliates and customers should be on the lookout for?

Heather: Our selection of home décor and barware is fantastic and unique, not to mention, many of these items make eccentric holiday or birthday gifts. Sometimes it’s not just about the costume…

Wes: What seem to be the most effective affiliate promotional methods for HalloweenMart products?

Geno: Having analyzed the marketing channels through which affiliates have driven conversions to this program over the past 12 months, I see the following as the top five, in this order:

  1. Content Monetization
  2. Discounts and Coupons
  3. Paid Search
  4. Retargeting
  5. Data Feed Marketing

Wes: What two or three traits stand out to you the most when selecting and working with an affiliate partner?  For example, responsiveness, innovation, ethics, industry knowledge, ability to turn volume, etc.?

Geno: Quality and targetedness of referred traffic, marketing complementarity, and incrementality of referred business. I discussed these (and more) at length in my recent blog post on the invaluable qualities of a desired affiliate.

Wes: Where do you go to continue growing your affiliate marketing knowledge base?

Geno: For many years my philosophy has been based on the principle of sharing knowledge to “free up the brain” for new knowledge. That is why you will see me blog, write books, shoot video courses, speak at conferences, hold webinars and workshops, and do a ton of things in-between. I want to think that this makes a difference in the industry, freeing up the space in my brain to learn new things and reach new heights.

Wes: How do you take maximum advantage of the seasonality for HalloweenMart’s products?

Geno: Not many know this, but is, actually, AM Navigator’s oldest client. Having managed their affiliate program for more than 88 months, we’ve seen truly amazing things happen. It isn’t unusual for an affiliate to earn an annual salary just in the course of the two months leading up to Halloween. How? By focusing, optimizing, and working hard.

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