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Oakstone Publishing, LLC, a well-established online retailer in the medical and dental industries, has steadily improved its performance within the LinkConnector Network (LC) over the last year. What’s the secret behind Oakstone’s thriving affiliate program? We’re convinced it is a direct reflection of the constant efforts put forth by its Outsourced Program Manager (OPM) MGECOM. The loyal relationship between the two organizations is admirable, to say the least, and has not gone unnoticed by the LC staff. Merchant Representative, Aaron St. Gelais, recently sat down with MGECOM’s Lara Holloway, for a few fun facts about the successful merchant-OPM pair.


Aaron: What is it about Oakstone products that people love the most? What makes it stand out from its competitors?
Lara: Oakstone makes the finest continuing medical education available to physicians in the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

Aaron: Does Oakstone have any upcoming exciting news that your affiliates and customers should be on the lookout for?
Lara: Yes! Very soon, we will have a brand new site for our brands which will make the customer experience much more efficient!

Aaron: What seems to be the most effective affiliate promotional method for Oakstone products?
Lara: We look for affiliates that have an audience of doctors, dentists, PAs, nurses or any other type of medical professionals.

Aaron: How did you get your start in affiliate marketing?
Lara:: 11 years ago I started with Commission Junction and since that time have worked on the network side, the merchant side, the technology side and the agency side of the industry.

Aaron: Where do you go to continue growing your affiliate marketing knowledge base?
Lara: At this point I learn the most from my colleagues. I also find it helpful to communicate regularly with both former and current co-workers in the industry.

Aaron: What is the top season for MGECOM?
Lara: Mid-Late Q4, November/December timeframe.

Aaron: How many employees do you work with at MGECOM? Where are you all located?
Lara: There are about 10 people at MGECOM, and we are all over the world—from California to New York City to South Africa!

Aaron: Do you or any of your co-workers at MGECOM attend any affiliate marketing conferences?  If so, which are your favorites?
Lara: Yes! We attend most of the industry conferences. Affiliate Summit would be at the top of the list.

Oakstone Publishing is featured on the LinkConnector homepage as one of our September 2014 spotlight merchants. We are eager to see how this strong affiliate program will continue to develop in the coming months.


About Oakstone

Oakstone Publishing, LLC excels at creating resource materials that help individuals improve their lives.

With nearly 40 years of experience serving the medical and dental communities, Oakstone provides healthcare professionals with non-biased, continuing education and study aid materials. Practical Reviews, Dental Decks and CMEinfo are the flagship brands of Oakstone Publishing, LLC. Serving more than 40 medical and dental specialty areas, Oakstone Publishing, LLC partners with some of the most prestigious educational institutions and associations.

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