Just over a decade ago, longtime business partners and friends, Choots Humphries and Ernie St. Gelais, put their heads together and created an Affiliate Marketing Network that would focus its efforts on creating innovative industry technologies. The two sold their company, DotCom Corporation, a multi-million dollar business that had been profitable since its inception in 1999, and together they created LinkConnector.

From the beginning, the co-founders worked in cohesion with a dedicated team of employees to create invaluable new technologies to introduce to the market, enabling merchants and affiliates with brand control, unprecedented fraud protection, attribution customization and more.  Today, LinkConnector is widely recognized as a top-tier network by industry surveys and reports, and is sought out by Internet Top 500 Retailers, leading brands, and many of the industry’s most talented affiliates.

“We are not a complacent network,” said Choots Humphries, Co-Founder and Co-President of LinkConnector. “We have been pushing the envelope forward since our inception in 2004, developing unconventional, superior solutions for our merchant and affiliate customers. This is a large factor why merchants and affiliates consistently choose LinkConnector over other networks.”

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    10 Years of LinkConnector

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