Did you know that the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) has five industry councils that meet monthly? These councils take action to provide best practice guidelines, standardizations, and empowering information for our industry.

The Five PMA Councils:

  1. Compliance – (David Naffziger BrandVerity; Resource Page)
  2. Publisher Recruitment (Lucy Bartlett – VigLink; Resource Page)
  3. Industry Advancement (Choots Humphries – LinkConnector; Resource Page)
  4. Measurements and Insights (Julie Avila – Schaaf-PartnerCentric; Resource Page)
  5. Offers & Rewards (Howard Schaffer-; Resource Page)

In the PMA’s recently revived Industry Report, the association announces new Council Spotlight Months. The PMA created these Spotlight Months with the goal of setting aside a dedicated month for each council to raise awareness for the council and the industry issues it addresses. Another critical goal of each Spotlight Month is to recruit new members to the council. January 2015 will kick off with a Spotlight on the Publisher Recruitment Council.

The Spotlight Months are great opportunities for merchants and affiliates to step in and speak up for industry issues most pressing to them.

Listen to the complete podcast by Lisa Picarille and Tricia Meyer here on GeekCast to understand more about the PMA and ways in which you can become a member.

The overall PMA mission is “to promote performance marketing as a valuable, growing channel to businesses and increase the amount of dollars spent in the performance marketing space.” Do your part to support this important endeavor and grow the industry in which we all derive our livelihood.

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