Great news in the affiliate world—Pinterest, the world’s catalogue of ideas, is now allowing affiliate links! In February 2015, Pinterest was forced to ban affiliate links due to an overflow of spammers wreaking havoc on its system. Since then, Pinterest has drastically updated its spam detection system, and is once again allowing quality affiliates to promote.

How does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest was launched in 2010 to offer its users the ability to save, organize and share various forms of visual content found throughout the Internet.   Users setup “Boards” where they can “Pin” content such as product images, cooking recipes, life hacks, design inspiration, etc. by category. Retailers view this social media platform as an influential source to showcase their products being used by consumers, and as a way to creatively display and publicize new products. Bloggers use it to illustrate ideas and share products they’ve found online that will be beneficial to their readers. When other users see a Pin of interest they can click on it, leading them to a site with more information regarding the image on the pin.

How can affiliate marketers utilize Pinterest to earn from their affiliate links?

Pinterest is a great source for affiliates to earn more by driving traffic to their merchant partners’ website(s). Affiliates will begin by finding images on merchant partner sites.   They will then add the image to Pinterest, include information on the image and add their affiliate link, thereby ensuring proper credit with any sales that occur via that referral.   In accordance with FTC guidelines, affiliates must properly disclose their inclusion of affiliate links.

How can LinkConnector help you add affiliate links to your Pins?

LinkConnector has several ways to help, from using merchant product feeds to setting up a custom solution for your account. If you need help setting up any of these links or have ideas of how you would like to utilize Pinterest using affiliate links please contact a LinkConnector Affiliate Relations team member here.

Pinterest is just one of many social media outlets from which affiliates can earn money through the promotion of merchant products. In addition to promotion via Pinterest, LinkConnector offers innovative solutions for advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. If you’re interested in advertising on any of these social media channels, please contact the Affiliate Relations team for a custom solution that works best for you!

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