Tax-Stat-ThumbnailTax Day, April 15th in 2014, was a major revenue day for a variety of industries across the nation. Two industries that immediately come to mind are government and banking industries, as they are of the largest tax season influencers. But who else plays an influential role?

The affiliate marketing industry plays a behind the scenes role in the complicated world of online tax filing. Those involved in this industry have the chance to make their Tax Day count by earning significant commissions.

Since 2011, commissions earned by LC affiliates for promotion of online tax preparation services have increased by 320%. This statistic amounts to four consecutive tax seasons of growth for LC affiliates on Tax Day—simply by driving traffic to tax merchant sites.

Category Comparison

  • In 2014, LC affiliates earned 32% more for promoting online Tax Preparation services, than they did in 2013.
  • LC affiliates promoting online Tax Extensions services earned 68% more commissions in 2014 than in 2013.

LinkConnector Tax Day Infographic

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