HeartbleedFor the past few days we have seen numerous articles about the Heartbleed Security Flaw and how it has affected a large percentage of sites across the internet. This flaw essentially allowed for the retrieval of protected information from encrypted SSL endpoints.

After a thorough review of our servers and customer accounts, I am happy to report that LinkConnector was unaffected by Heartbleed.  The protections we had in place prior to Heartbleed allowed us to successfully protect the susceptible versions of the OpenSSL software. We would like to give credit to our IT staff for their immediate and thorough response in protecting our site. More particularly, we would like to thank our Service Provider, SolidTechnology, who is responsible for keeping our site functioning and secure.

-Ernie St. Gelais
Co-President, Chief Technology Officer

For more information on Heartbleed, please visit http://heartbleed.com.

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