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A common frustration that we at LinkConnector often hear from our affiliate partners is how much of a hassle it can be trying to corral coupon codes from various networks. Wouldn’t it be great if affiliates could easily access this information all in one place? We are thrilled to spotlight LinkConnector technology partner FMTC, who provides this solution.

In 2007, FMTC (For Me to Coupon) was created by an affiliate publisher to solve a problem — the need for cleaning and categorizing affiliate coupons and deals. This task took critical resources from the publisher that could have otherwise been used for growth and development.

FMTC was developed to collect and scrub data to a point where humans could double-check for accuracy, make edits when necessary and deliver the content through an API.

We recently caught up with FMTC’s leadership team including Merchant Relationships Manager Helen Kembery and Jason Kalish­­­ of Sales and Business Development to discuss the company’s groundbreaking products and services for affiliates, merchants, agencies and networks like LinkConnector.

“FMTC was built first and foremost to support an affiliate’s direct relationships with merchants in the networks.” -Jason Kalish, FMTC

To start, can you introduce yourselves and describe your roles at FMTC?

Jason: I have led the sales and business development efforts at FMTC since April 2019; however, I have been active in the affiliate space since 1997. At FMTC, I take a consultative approach with affiliates to best understand their businesses and guide them to the solutions that allow them to grow. I can be contacted at [email protected].

Helen: As the Merchant Relationships Manager, I help merchants understand how FMTC double-checks and funnels their content to the right affiliates at the right time. I work with our tech team to support and develop premium exposure opportunities and expedited content processing. Contact me at [email protected].

What services does FMTC offer?

Jason: FMTC offers enterprise-level data feed services (deals and category APIs, as well as product feeds), solutions that assist with monetization while publishers are in the process of establishing relationships with merchants through the networks, custom writing for deal content (FMTC Custom Content), ASIN Matching and more.

Our subscribers are industry-leading affiliates of ALL types, including Rakuten, Groupon and Capital One Shopping. For most of our subscribers, FMTC is their single source of affiliate content.

Our Deal Feed API aggregates normalized and standardized content from thousands of merchants. We test, categorize and score links and coupon codes. Our platform also allows affiliates to discover new merchants and offers that resonate with their audience and to monetize content efficiently to grow their programs at scale.

Helen: FMTC’s Freemium Merchant Services offers free inclusion in our deal and product feeds and a listing in our Program Directory. From there, we’ve built Premium Services that include high-visibility exposure tools to top-performing affiliates, expedited processing and one-on-one support.

I’m an affiliate. How can I learn more about FMTC and see if it fits my business?

Jason: The process starts with a one-on-one call so we can understand your business (whether you’re still in the planning stage or an established affiliate) and discuss how our products and services may align with your goals.

How does the process work for merchants?

Helen: All you need to do to get your content in our feeds is approve FMTC in the network. It’s simple, quick and completely free. Your content is pulled into our system, tested, verified, standardized and categorized. Then, it’s added to our feeds.

You are still in complete control; only affiliates with whom you have a direct relationship can access and monetize your content.

FMTC does not generate sales; sales tracking or revenue will not show up in our publisher account. We simply include your affiliate content in our feeds so that your affiliates can generate sales for you. You may see a few clicks as our team tests URLs.

FMTC’s Helen Kembery and the LinkConnector Team on the conference trail at PI Live in London.

Merchants can create an optional Freemium account to view how their content looks in our feeds by emailing [email protected].

What should interested merchants know about FMTC?

Helen: It’s important to remember that FMTC is not a traditional affiliate that drives sales or revenue. Instead, we use our publisher account to ingest merchant data. So, when you add FMTC to your program and do a performance audit a few months later, you might see a few more clicks without any sales — that means our team has been testing your links to make sure everything is running as it should.

What should interested affiliates know about FMTC?

Jason: FMTC was built first and foremost to support an affiliate’s direct relationships with merchants in the networks. The links that come through the API — which also include direct URLs and various monetization rail links, including FreshReachTM, if applicable — will be the same affiliate links the affiliate would get if they were to access them through the network. This is accomplished when (at account set-up) the publisher adds their affiliate network IDs to the FMTC interface. And with additional credentials through MerchantSync, affiliates can ‘sync’ their approved merchant relationships with FMTC — allowing affiliates to focus on establishing and growing relationships with merchants. FMTC handles everything on the backend!

Want to learn more about FMTC? Join Merchant Relationships Manager Helen Kembery on Wednesday, March 22, at 3 p.m. ET for their free Merchant Services Webinar!
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If you are a LinkConnector merchant partner and would like to discover how FMTC can benefit your affiliate program, head HERE.

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