The number of merchants benefitting from LinkConnector’s Naked Coupon technology continues to climb in 2017. Why? There is a constant demand for retailers to support the needs of an increasingly innovative affiliate population with the ability to transparently propel merchant brands into multiple channels (including offline). By implementing Naked Coupon capabilities, merchants open the door to a much broader range of promotional methods.

LC Manager of Merchant Operations, Wes Carnes, has worked closely with several LC merchants to implement and help monitor their Naked Coupon enabled campaigns. Following the excitement of the Masters, Wes sat down with Internet Marketing Analyst, Lauren Jackson, for an update on GlobalGolf’s campaign performance as a result of affiliate partners utilizing Naked Coupons.

Wes: What was Global Golf’s initial goal in implementing Naked Coupon technology within LC? Talk to us about challenges or needs that led you to implementing the added value of Naked Coupons.

Lauren: We wanted to increase sales and offer a way for affiliates to showcase the Global Golf brand without necessarily having to push us through a click. Implementing Naked Coupons allows us to partner with new affiliates that have a social presence, as well as golf shops and partners that do not have as strong of an online presence. We can give these affiliates branded coupons for their customers to use at GlobalGolf and they receive credit for the sale.

Wes: What appeals most to you about LinkConnector’s Naked Coupon technology?  

Lauren: It provides a lot of possibilities to expand and promote our brand that were not available before. We can now work with social influencers and ensure them that they will receive credit for sales generated through their coupons.

Wes: Have Naked Coupons contributed to your bottom line in the affiliate channel?

Lauren: Yes, since launching our first Naked Coupon offer, we’ve seen an increase in revenue generated though our affiliate channel, and because of LinkConnector’s transparency in reporting, we can review the performance of specific coupons to measure their success.

Wes: Which types of affiliates have the most success with Naked Coupons?

Lauren: We’ve seen the most success with social affiliates that promote GlobalGolf on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Additionally, content affiliates have generated additional sales with Naked Coupons in forums.

Wes: Are there examples you can share of a couple affiliates that you’ve seen benefit most from Naked Coupons? If so, how?

Lauren: ReviTrage drove over 5,000 sales in 2016, bringing in more than $600,000 in revenue. On average, Naked Coupons promoted by ReviTrage on social channels are generating over 600 sales per month this year.

Wes: Now that GlobalGolf is entering its peak season – what type of promotions or top-selling products should affiliates focus on promoting?

Lauren: With golf season fast approaching, now is a good time to ramp up promotions that feature our large selection of preowned clubs. Other GlobalGolf products that appeal to golfers are shoes, apparel, bags & more. Additionally, this is a good time for GlobalGolf affiliates to promote trade-ins, where customers can receive credit for sending in clubs they no longer use.

Is your brand Naked Coupon enabled?

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