As affiliate marketers, we are hustlers. Pivoting our strategies around industry shifts and wearing multiple hats while keeping our eye on the ball(s) has become common practice, and how we thrive. Just as in baseball, there are players in our industry that outperform others—those that are called up to the major leagues and (sometimes unknowingly) manifest themselves as mentors for others to learn from.

Here are four common traits I’ve observed in some of the brilliant minds that push the performance marketing industry forward and create new channels of opportunity for others.


Just like athletes, progression in strength and endurance requires you to be a master of action. Whether it’s asking questions to learn new techniques and skills or sharpening your game to become the best of the best, a consistent focus on action is apparent. In our ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, it’s easy to get caught up in overthinking a strategy. So true is the saying “If you snooze, you’ll lose.”

One of my favorite quotes (from major league baseball player and hall of fame manager, Tommy Lasorda) is one I have found to resonate pretty darn well in our industry:

“There are three types of players, those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happened.”

Which type are you?

People Skills

The hallmark of our industry is relationships. Possessing the ability to inspire, empathize and connect with people is a critical tenet to growing and achieving success. Our virtual ecosystem can make this challenging, especially in diving beyond the surface level, but this skill is a game changer. Our social intellect is a catalyst for expanding relationships (not to mention creating our coveted support system).

Mediocrity Scorned

The best affiliate marketers exude determination and positive energy; tilting and persevering to do better becomes their unspoken mantra. We are fortunate to be in an industry that breeds entrepreneurs. Take notice of the extraordinary ones among us and learn from them. Don’t get stuck in the contentment of being a bench warmer.

Giving Back

One of the most remarkable qualities of our industry is the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned. The best affiliate marketers make those around them better; and there are many! Just look at the FeedFront contributors—examples of mentors among us. Where else should you look? Affiliate Summits and the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) are outstanding outlets for giving back.

Will this be your season to push the limits and be the better player? Are you prepared to be called up? Your affiliate marketing team needs you!

Published by FeedFront Magazine, Issue 38.

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