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As a new merchant or one seeking to enter the affiliate marketing arena, you may be wondering just how effective an affiliate program can be at boosting your bottom line. According to a recent study, 75% of businesses with an active program reported their program to be either “Successful” or “Highly Successful” at driving profit and customer acquisition efforts1. And with global affiliate marketing spend expected to hit $15.7 billion in 20242, the sky is truly the limit.

The problem is that many businesses either don’t know where to begin, don’t understand what it takes to run a successful affiliate program or have mismanaged their existing program into the ground. Our latest blog series puts the spotlight on several agency partners who specialize in getting affiliate programs off the ground, out of the weeds and onto the path towards success.

In this edition, we are thrilled to feature JEBCommerce, a remarkable agency and LinkConnector partner, that focuses on driving revenue for clients through creative and effective strategies and an award-winning team with decades of collective experience.

Founded in 2004 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, JEBCommerce has built the trust of countless clients through proven processes and an obsession with creating successful and profitable partnerships. We caught up with newly appointed CEO Jake Fuller to learn more about his affiliate marketing philosophies and the secrets behind JEBCommerce’s success.

LinkConnector and JEBCommerce have recently been named finalists for a USPA Award – talk a little about the genesis of this nomination.

JF: This award entry and nomination is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the type of partnership and collaboration our team has come to love about LinkConnector. We’ve always worked closely with LinkConnector and it was clear that the combined efforts of award-winning affiliate management at JEBCommerce plus the cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service that LinkConnector provides were direct contributors to the success we have found with our shared client, Surgent. It’s an honor to have been named finalists in this category alongside LinkConnector, which simply underscores the consistent efforts and the type of partnership that has existed for years and always keeps our client’s best interest at heart. Working with another team that truly values and works for the success of their clients is such a privilege!

Tell us about the services that set JEBCommerce apart from other agencies.

JF: While we may have many answers for this question, I truly believe that it comes down to what we call “The JEB Way”. We take our work seriously and truly look out for what we believe to be the best interests of our clients. From hiring and training, to employee development, to the internal processes that we practice – everything we do supports the underlying principles and values that we deploy into our work for clients. Partnership, Craftsmanship, Data-Driven Decisions, Clarity, and Accountability form the pillars of our work and allow us to stay nimble, always learning and focused on how we can best support each client individually, because we all know that in the affiliate channel, one size does not fit all.

Tell us about the JEBCommerce team, what are some of your greatest strengths?

JF: I can’t say enough about our amazing team at JEBCommerce. We always look for those who are naturally curious and truly invested in striving for personal improvement every day. This leads to an unparalleled ability to adapt, shift strategy as needed, learn new skills, enjoy the challenges of our work and create a culture that is supportive, growth focused and energetic. It sure makes coming to work each day something to look forward to!

How do you tailor affiliate marketing strategies for different industries, verticals, or niches?

JF: This is always a great question. The affiliate marketing channel is a truly unique opportunity to craft partnerships and strategies that can be customized to each brand. While we look at best practices and industry or vertical benchmarks, we try to first understand each brand/client as closely as possible. To tailor strategy, you have to dive deeper into the brand’s origin story, how they set themselves apart from competition, what specific goals or KPIs they have in place and how those in their consumer profile are behaving online. With curiosity as a strength at JEBCommerce, this allows us to identify how best to set up our client’s program from custom commission strategy, bonus incentives and creative affiliate diversification to best support both the brand, and the consumer through their purchasing journey. Last to note, proper growth and affiliate management for a brand means that strategy has to be re-evaluated as often as needed, preferably every 3-6 months, to ensure the program continues to engage affiliate partners and properly identify how to best reach the target audience. It’s very common to see consumer trends shift 1-2 times per year depending on many outside factors, so an affiliate strategy should as well.

What are some suggestions you have for merchants who are new to affiliate marketing in 2024?

JF: Jumping into the affiliate marketing space can be quite exciting and if done correctly, a top growth channel for your brand. That said, it’s important to remember this key fact: affiliates (or publishers) are looking for true partnerships with brands. This means that the channel takes time to ramp up and you have to identify what will work best for your partners and have flexibility on testing individualized ways to incentivize affiliates to promote your products. If you stay open to new ideas and identify ways to stand apart from your competitors, over time, you’ll find the channel evolves to levels you may have not thought possible.

Partnership, Craftsmanship, Data-Driven Decisions, Clarity and Accountability form the pillars of our work and allow us to stay nimble, always learning and focused on how we can best support each client individually.”
-Jake Fuller, JEBCommerce CEO

To add one more: the only way you can properly ramp up and grow the affiliate channel, is to have someone dedicated to the work. This means making sure you’ve taken the time to identify whether you need to hire a FTE for the channel, or to outsource to an agency for assistance during the initial growth phase.

What strategies do you recommend for brands looking to diversify their affiliate marketing portfolio and explore new verticals or niches?

JF: First thing I would recommend is to identify the why:

  • Why are you interested in diversifying and what niches or affiliate categories do you find interest in?
  • Are you hoping to target consumers higher in the funnel to drive awareness?
  • Are you interested in driving higher new-to-file rates?
  • Is topline revenue growth the focus, or is profitability and incrementality?
  • Do you have supporting content, creative assets, and budget to target new affiliate partnerships and categories?

Once a brand can clearly answer these questions, the fun can begin. From here, my recommendation for brands is to be flexible on testing new strategies to entice new affiliate partners. From developing a custom commission or bonus structure to identifying how to best engage with those affiliate audiences through new or custom creative assets (banners, landing pages, offers, etc.) we can outline a variety of ways to best support channel diversification and growth, while creating strategy that can scale with the brand’s overarching goals and KPIs in mind.

You are well into Season 3 of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast, which LinkConnector has had the honor of being guests on several times! Tell us a little about the history and future of the podcast.

JF: This podcast is one that I have always personally enjoyed listening to. We’ve had many amazing guests and a variety of great insights on how to navigate the channel. Jamie Birch, our Founder, started it as a way to provide resources for brands, industry partners, and newcomers alike, all from an experienced perspective. Its goal is to share insights and strategies from the industry’s brightest minds and most tenured vets. It’s with a great deal of excitement that in Season 4, I will be taking over as Host of the Profitable Performance Podcast. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t say a few nerves come with the excitement as I try to fill the shoes of Jamie, who was a natural at hosting this podcast!

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JEBCommerce, is committed to understanding your unique performance marketing objectives and providing tailored strategies to meet your goals. Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase leads or improve overall ROI, their experienced team is here to support you every step of the way. Click HERE to connect with JEBCommerce.

JEBCommerce & LinkConnector Are 2024 USPA Finalists!

The U.S. Partnership Awards recognize exceptional relationships and collaborations in the performance marketing industry. JebCommerce and LinkConnector are overjoyed to be on this year’s shortlist along with Surgent in the “Together, We Solved That” category. This year’s USPA winners will be announced on April 17, 2024, in conjunction with PI LIVE USA 2024.

About Jake Fuller, JEBCommerce CEO

Since joining JEBCommerce in 2020 and stepping into co-ownership in 2024, Jake’s multifaceted role spans marketing strategy, operations, business development and thought leadership. Jake is proud to contribute to JEBCommerce’s culture of diversity, honesty, and data-driven decision-making across a versitile team spanning five states.

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2Influence Marketing Hub Benchmark Report

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