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Giving customers a personalized, cost-saving experience that resonates in the moment is more important than ever for eCommerce brands. Forbes highlights personalized commerce as the next frontier drawing attention to the fact that customers spend 48% more when their shopping experience is personalized. 

RevLifter makes this 1:1 personalization possible; their award-winning, AI-powered approach translates into incremental revenue for merchants. We are excited to be hosting a webinar with RevLifter, one of our technology affiliate partners, for LinkConnector merchants. Here’s a sneak peek into their capabilities.

LC: Tell us a little bit about the history of RevLifter. How did it all begin?

RL: RevLifter was first conceived when founders Simon Bird & Ryan Klizat were trying to solve a problem that retailers continually raised. That question revolved around what, if any, incremental value coupons & incentives contributed to revenue, especially when a customer was already on their site, ready to buy.

Equally, the Performance Marketing industry was searching for a solution that catered to the needs of the consumer and the advertiser. Simon saw this firsthand while working for a large coupon code publisher and Ryan as MD of an eCommerce agency. Retailers wanted to improve the customer’s experience, build better customer relationships, and offer their shoppers relevant 1:1 offers improving conversion rates and average order value. From this, RevLifter was born.

LC: What is one of the biggest problems that RevLifter solves for eCommerce merchants?

RL: Hands down, incremental value. With our technology and our ability to engage customers 1:1 while they are shopping on a brand’s website, we can easily measure incremental gains.

By keeping everything 1st party and on the brand’s domain, we find that customers remain engaged with the brand’s site vs. leaving to look for deals and offers elsewhere. With one of our products, RevPage, we even see improvement with a brand’s organic search results.

Beyond these problems, we help improve conversion rates, average order value, and brand loyalty.

LC: 1:1 marketing personalization is a difference-maker for brands, especially now in this pandemic era.  How does RevLifter’s real-time personalization translate to revenue for merchants?

RL: In the unprecedented time we are living in, there are challenges and opportunities that brands are facing and trying to adapt to.

We’ve seen some brands run into inventory issues, others experience massive increases in costs due to supply chain or manufacturing complexities, and some have experienced newly found margin constraints or have seen a significant decline in sales, especially in the luxury space. Often, these brands are unable to offer coupons or discounts due to concerns over brand erosion.

Through our 1:1 approach, we can address all scenarios with a focus on incremental revenue gains.

For brands that cannot be seen as discounting, our technology can be used to engage the customer 1:1 and present value messaging that only that customer will see, preserving the value of the brand’s identity.

LC: What made RevLifter choose LinkConnector as one of its affiliate network partners?

RL: RevLifter truly looks to deliver meaningful and measurable value for our partners. To do this, we look for companies that have similar goals and understand what a partnership consists of. LinkConnector absolutely fits that profile for brands and technology partners alike.

Through LinkConnector, advertisers have easy access to technology partners like RevLifter. LinkConnector has integrated RevLifter technology within the existing LinkConnector tag. This means any merchant integrated with LinkConnector has access to our tech – no tagging or integration required. This level of partnership and support to their merchants and affiliates says a lot about LinkConnector’s efforts to continually add value to the Affiliate Marketing industry.

LC: RevLifter was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Global Retail Tech Start-Ups by Retail Week. Congratulations! Tell us a little about what this recognition means to RevLifter?

RL: We are absolutely thrilled about this recognition from Retail Week. For us, this is confirmation that RevLifter is heading in the right direction and delivering meaningful results to our partners. It is also a testament to our staff & our partnerships that have trusted in us. Our team is amazing and, against all odds, continues to deliver fantastic technology and results… and we’re just getting started.

The RevLifter Team

If you are a LinkConnector merchant partner and would like to learn more about how RevLifter can enhance your customer journey and deliver incremental revenue, we will be hosting a webinar with RevLifter on Thursday, September 3rd at 1pm EST. To register, simply email us at [email protected], and we will send you the details to join. We would love to see you there!

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