LinkConnector Tech Shines in New Case Study with JEBCommerce

Building an eCommerce presence to capture online market share is one of the biggest challenges facing new retailers today, with many struggling to stand out in an ocean of fierce competition. Today’s press release highlights how a properly executed and managed affiliate program can help to grow profits for these young businesses faster than a rising tide.

Case in point, earlier this year, LinkConnector and the award-winning affiliate management agency JEBCommerce joined forces to launch an affiliate program for Cafe Last, a reseller of high-end espresso machines and coffee grinders. The results have been simply astonishing, as spotlighted in this case study.

The case study details how in addition to collaboration and strategic thinking, LinkConnector’s technology served as one of the metaphorical oars, critical in helping Cafe Last rise with the tide to achieve online reach and profitability through its affiliate program. Three examples of these technologies include:

  • Product Level Commissioning: Allows for the dynamic adjustment of commission payouts at the individual product level, thereby maximizing ROI. LinkConnector’s Transactional Product Reports provide real-time intelligence for affiliates to scale and optimize performance.

“We have over 500 products on our store and I was amazed at how JEB and LC allowed us to utilize granular data to push specific products”
– Graham Cooke, Founder, Cafe Last

  • Naked Coupon Technology: Provides cookieless tracking for affiliates, empowering them to promote across multiple marketing channels with only a private coupon code and without the need for a click or cookie.

  • Affiliate Recruitment Solutions: LinkConnector’s Performance Marketing Award-nominated Publisher Discovery integration, empowers Café Last with cutting-edge AI technology to easily discover the best potential affiliate matches based on relevancy and revenue potential.

Each of these LinkConnector technologies played a vital role in initiating a revenue boost for Cafe Last that was 285% over their goal for the first four months. And the best part–that number is still climbing!

JEBCommerce’s case study showcases just one of the numerous exciting and valuable partnerships that LinkConnector enjoys with merchants across a wide range of verticals. To view the details of our successful collaboration with Cafe Last, check out the full case study from JEBCommerce here.

If you’re an affiliate looking to promote a fantastic coffee merchant, you can apply to join Cafe Last’s affiliate program here.

If you’re an advertiser looking to benefit from LinkConnector’s technology solutions, contact us today at [email protected].  If you’re in need of expert affiliate management guidance and support to manage your affiliate program, contact JEBCommerce here.

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