“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.“

-Abraham Lincoln

LinkConnector is incredibly proud and honored to be recognized amongst the best of the best affiliate marketing networks worldwide on mThink’s BLUE BOOK Top 20 Affiliate Network rankings for the past eight years in a row.

This recognition is a testament to the trust of our merchant and affiliate customers, agency partners, and industry peers in our commitment to make a positive difference in their affiliate marketing goals and relationships.

The definition of trust is “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something and one in which confidence is placed.”  Trust is the bedrock of relationships; building and reinforcing trust is at the heart of everything LinkConnector does.

If you are an affiliate, merchant or affiliate marketing agency, now is your chance to vote for your favorite affiliate network(s) by completing mThink’s 2020 Top 20 CPS/Affiliate Network Rankings survey.  The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to fill out, and we hope you’ll include LinkConnetor in your answer to the 2nd and 4th questions.

Three pillars of LinkConnector that demonstrate our worthiness of a Top Network spot and make the most difference in setting us apart from other brilliant networks on the Top 20 list are as follows:

We solve problems

Innovation is a hallmark of LinkConnector and an expected deliverable from our customers. Affiliates and merchants count on us to help them creatively overcome challenges – from tracking issues (such as Safair’s ITP and Google’s Parallel Tracking) to creating simple solutions bridging the monetization opportunity between influencers and brands – LinkConnector listens to our customers’ needs and purposefully develops innovative solutions to encourage their growth.



linkconnector-presentationWe are committed to keeping your trust

LinkConnector knows you have choices. When you choose us as your affiliate network partner, we fully commit to your needs through empathy, hard work, and understanding (gosh, how we love getting to personally know our customers!). We will continuously innovate and deliver beyond the standard network benefits. We will maintain integrity in doing the right things for the right reasons for our customers and our industry, no matter what.



tara-mccommons-affiliate-summit2We drive the affiliate marketing industry forward

For over 15 years, LinkConnector has driven change in the affiliate marketing industry with uncommon technologies and approaches (fueled by demand from our customers). Did you know that we were the first network to offer first-click attribution?

LinkConnector’s commitment to advancing the affiliate marketing industry includes collaboration with our competitors and industry peers through the Performance Marketing Association, as we unite to celebrate and elevate the immense value our industry contributes to the eCommerce ecosystem. We applaud the fellow PMA Member Networks recognized on the Blue Book’s Top 20 Affiliate and CPA Network lists!

LinkConnector’s experienced team members take pride in sharing their knowledge on-stage at industry conferences such as Affiliate Summit and AM Days.  Whether we’re speaking on topics that spotlight the benefits derived from affiliate networks or serving as panelists amongst industry leaders to discuss technology insights, the importance of transcending beyond LinkConnector to support the growth and visibility of our industry will always remain an important pillar of LinkConnector’s culture.

Your vote matters!  And, LinkConnector needs your support to climb higher in the Top Affiliate Network rankings. When completing the survey, there are two questions (numbers 2 and 4) where we would immensely appreciate your recognition of LinkConnector!

We will remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing performance marketing to new levels for our customers as we continue to champion our role as a leader and industry disruptor in 2020 and beyond.mthink-blue-book-surveyLinkConnector-mthink-bluebook-performance-marketing

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