When merchants ask why their affiliate program isn’t delivering optimal results, the answer is often simple. Not reaching out to affiliates, having outdated creatives or simply not inviting affiliates to join your affiliate campaign can sabotage your program’s growth.  Here are five strategies that work to entice affiliates to actively and effectively promote your brand.

1. Motivating Affiliates (and Yourself)

Sometimes when you tirelessly reach out to affiliates and don’t hear back, it may be tempting to give up. Keep trying (in a non- annoying way of course); find new things to emphasize with your affiliates. For example, notice the good content they are using in promoting seasonal brands —compliment them on this and share ways in which your brand aligns with their seasonal focus. Creative yet meaningful messaging can help you get a response.  Don’t give up. You’ll find that hard work eventually pays off.

2. Stretching Your Reach

Are you working with only one or two affiliate segments? Diversifying your affiliate portfolio and welcoming multiple types of affiliate disciplines (e.g., Paid Search, Content, Coupon etc.) will set your program up for greater success. You can always talk with LinkConnector to discuss benefits that any particular type of promotion can provide based upon your unique program goals.

3. Be Personable

You are more likely to get a response if you message affiliates by their name and also share your name and a way to reach you by phone or email.  Adding humor to your emails and conveying an energetic tone can also result in better response rates.  Be available to help your affiliates and be someone they would like to have a conversation with – your personal touch will go a long way!

4. Listen to Your Customer

Don’t spend the entire conversation talking about how great your campaign is. This is your opportunity to listen, to gain valuable insights from your affiliate partners. They will tell you what they need to best promote your campaign. Now, empowered with this knowledge, you can equip affilaites with the tools, resources, data, etc. they need to be successful with your campaign.

5. Keep Your Affiliates Engaged

Don’t lose your best affiliates to lack of attention or communication.  Keep them interested with new bonus structures, incentives and promotions that are fresh. Learn from others in the industry and see what works for them—it may work for you too!

Block off time on your calendar to follow up with your affiliates and set up calls to learn more about what they need to be successful with your campaign.  Be consistent in your communication with your affiliates and try to accommodate their needs. In turn, they will be able to drive more traffic and sales for you.

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