Are you a blogger or an influencer looking for more ways to monetize your content? You may be overlooking a crucial tool: your affiliate network!

Often, influencers and bloggers don’t realize how important their partnership is to a merchant’s online marketing goals, or that their affiliate network can be their advocate and catalyst to relevant merchants. If you haven’t talked to your affiliate rep in a while, it might be a good time to reach out and ask for suggestions or discuss technologies you might not be familiar with.

We’re here to help.

From helping you retrieve tracking links to requesting Naked Coupons – your affiliate rep is here to assist you. You may only talk to your affiliate rep if you have a tracking question, but you should consider reaching out for feedback and marketing ideas too. Affiliate reps know when new programs launch that are most relevant to your content and can help you get approved quickly. They can request special coupon codes unique to your affiliate account from the merchants you’re promoting. These coupons can be a huge earner for you whether it’s through your blog or social media channels such as Instagram,, or Pinterest. Don’t hesitate to ask your rep to take a look at your content are recommend well-matched merchants.

We can tell you about new technologies to help you succeed.

If you do not login to your LinkConnector account often, you may not be familiar with some of our newest technologies that could help you monetize more of your content. Our new Content Link Technology (CLT) is a great tool for bloggers who post detailed reviews or discuss lots of products. CLT allows you to place a single piece of code on your site that will enable you to monetize mentions of specific products available through the product feeds of your approved merchants. It’s an easy way to add affiliate links to products you’re writing about and help your users find exactly what they’re looking for—all with little effort. 

We have direct contact with the merchants you want to promote.

Whether offering placement opportunities, asking for a special promotion, or discussing your performance of their campaign, it can be tricky to get in touch directly with merchants you’re promoting. That’s where your affiliate rep can be a brilliant resource. Affiliate reps often have direct contact with the merchants you’re promoting and can escalate a request quickly. They can help set up calls to introduce you to a merchant, negotiate commissions on your behalf, and get creatives or other content that you might need.

Be sure not to overlook opportunities with your affiliate network when trying to monetize your content. What may seem like a small potential for earnings to you could be invaluable to a merchant with a growing brand – and could lead to more placements or earning opportunities in the future! Contact your LC affiliate rep today to learn about LinkConnector’s unique technologies or to get suggestions of campaigns that are the right fit for your content.

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