About VigLink

VigLink is an affiliate platform providing a monetization tool to enable content-driven commerce. When a content site (e.g. forum site) adds VigLink code to their site, VigLink embeds relevant merchant links within the content of the site. That site is now empowered to monetize its traffic via commissions from purchases made by shoppers they refer. VigLink works with merchants through affiliate networks such as LinkConnector to attribute commissions accordingly.

About Bitly

Bitly is a popular link-shortening service that allows any user to enter a URL and generate a shortened URL. These shortened URLs are most commonly used in social media posts and on forums.

About the Partnership

In February, VigLink and Bitly partnered to test out monetizing free Bitly links through the VigLink platform. During this test, any free Bitly link that points directly to a merchant site affiliated with VigLink is being monetized. Note that Bitly Brand Tool links are excluded from Viglink monetization. Read more about the partnership on Bitly here:

Action Items for Merchants (Advertisers)

Merchants working with VigLink should check to see what they use to shorten links for social media posts.

If you are a LinkConnector merchant using Bitly to shorten your links you can reach out to VigLink at [email protected] to have your Bitly account email address blocked from affiliation. You may also contact your LinkConnector account manager for help.

If you are a LinkConnector merchant using Bitly but do not have a Bitly account, contact your LinkConnector account manager. We can work with VigLink to have you opted out of the Bitly monetization while still maintaining your affiliate relationship with VigLink.

What Affiliates (Publishers) Should Know About This Partnership

Affiliates using Bitly to shorten LinkConnector affiliate links need not worry about VigLink being credited for the affiliates’ traffic. We have tested the links that direct to LinkConnector merchant sites and have not found any evidence that VigLink affiliate links are being set when a LinkConnector affiliate link is present. The only time we see VigLink affiliate links being set is when the URL added to Bitly is a merchant specific URL void of another affiliate link.

What Affiliate Managers (Or OPMs) Should Know About This Partnership

If you work with LinkConnector merchants that are currently using Bitly for their internal social media efforts please ask the merchant for their Bitly account email address and submit it to [email protected].

Contact LinkConnector directly if your merchant does not have a Bitly account email address and we can assist with removing Bitly from affiliation with the merchant.

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