Affiliate Management Days (AM Days) kicked off this morning at 7:30 a.m. prompt, welcoming an eager crowd of affiliate marketers to the Golden Gate City. This two-day conference is jam-packed with insightful gems of knowledge for affiliate managers and merchants to use in optimizing their affiliate programs. Earlier today, LinkConnector’s Co-President, Choots Humphries, spoke on choosing the best affiliate types for a merchant’s individual campaign goals and industry vertical.

After presenting an overview of various affiliate types based on an affiliate’s primary promotional method, (think comparison, coupon, and search), Choots explored which types performed most effectively across various KPIs, such as volume, average order value, speed of deployment, and EPC.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Best Promotional Methods for Various KPIs

Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Best Promotional Methods for Various KPIs

Armed with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that exist amongst the different affiliate promotional methods for select KPIs, merchants can better reward and optimize towards those proven affiliate types. Or, inversely, this knowledge can help merchants identify where to hit the brakes for those promotional types not driving campaign goals.

Choots next explored how a merchant’s category, such as travel, automotive, or apparel and accessories, impacts the performance of an affiliate’s promotional method. Beyond identifying KPIs that are important, a merchant must also take their industry category into consideration.

Merchants and affiliate managers attending today’s session walked away with new strategies on how to navigate through the maze of affiliate types and create a balanced affiliate portfolio to drive their program’s ongoing success.

We’d love to hear from merchants and affiliate managers that have tried these strategies—and the results that followed. Leave us a comment!

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