LinkConnector Expects to Launch Cross Platform Tracking This Summer

We noticed recently that Affiliate Window announced their Cross Device Tracking initiative, and wish to commend them on this achievement.  LinkConnector is very familiar with the complexities inherent in developing and testing this functionality as we have been developing our Cross Platform Tracking (CPT) technology since late last summer.  LinkConnector’s tracking technology endeavors to track not only each device used by individuals, but each platform.

What is a platform?

We define it as any device (desktop, phone, tablet, gaming system, etc.) in combination with any unique platform (browser, application) used. By way of example, that means we can track an individual across two different browsers used on the same desktop. 

LinkConnector has been beta testing CPT for the last several months and expects to launch this summer.  Once launched, affiliates will benefit from the increased conversions due to recognition of users who started a transaction on one platform and finished on another.  Merchants will benefit by now being able to reward affiliates properly thereby enabling successful promotion to continue. We at LinkConnector are excited about this technology and believe it will help revolutionize tracking in the performance marketing industry.

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