Safari’s ITP 2.0 – Is Your Program Ready?

So, 2018 has been an interesting year for our Technology Team here at LinkConnector (LC).  As we always do, we created a list of initiatives to tackle this year, but it turns out that others had different ideas.  First there was GDPR and its affect on Privacy, now there is the Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0, and soon we will be implementing a solution to deal with Google’s Parallel Tracking. Read More


2017 Challenges in Technology

It is the end of 2016 which was a good year for LinkConnector and our technology. So, it is time to look forward to 2017 and the technology challenges and opportunities it will present. Instead of simply taking a parochial view of LinkConnector’s technology, let's look at the technology challenges facing the performance marketing industry in the next year. Read More...


Cross Platform Tracking: A Breakthrough in Affiliate Marketing Technology

We are constantly connected through our use of multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, Xbox 360, the Tesla dashboard, etc. It turns out that of the primary digital devices (phones, tablets, and computers) 66% of us own two and 36% own all three devices. How does this work for performance marketers? LinkConnector's tech team has developed an advanced technology called Cross Platform Tracking (CPT), which not only tracks cross promotions by device, but also tracks it by browser.

Is Performance Marketing For Everyone?

FeedFront - Issue 28

Some online merchants consider Performance Marketing their only strategy, while others don’t consider it at all, begging the question: Is Performance Marketing for everyone? 

Well, the short answer is, of course, Yes. The longer answer, however, isn’t quite so simple. Many new merchants tend to think performance marketing is the only marketing they need, while established merchants think of it as a red-headed stepchild (my apologies to red-headed stepchildren). Read More