LinkConnector launched a new feature making it easier for our affiliate partners to create custom deep links to pages on approved merchant sites. A new ‘Shortcuts’ option on the ‘Get Links/HTML’ page (Campaigns > Get Links/HTML), allows affiliates to quickly create a deep link or get the most popular link for a merchant’s campaign (typically a homepage link).

For Deep Links, paste the URL of the merchant page within the ‘Deep Link URL’ field. LinkConnector’s system will automatically create the tracking link for an approved merchant campaign once a user clicks the ‘Get Deep Link’ button.

For Popular Links, simply select a merchant or campaign from the drop-down menus, and the most popular tracking link for this merchant will populate once a user clicks the ‘Get Merchant’s Popular Tracking Link’ button.

Affiliates may also add their Affiliate Tracking ID (ATID) to either of these links as prompted within the ‘Shortcuts’ overlay.

LinkConnector Affiliates – If you have questions about deep or popular tracking links, access the Help Documentation within your LinkConnector account or email us at [email protected].

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