Receiving automatic and immediate notifications pertaining to your conversions is often times a ‘Wish List’ item for affiliates, most especially for affiliates specializing in paid search. Did you know that LinkConnector’s Conversion Pixel Plugin makes this possible? Here’s how…

Simply give us the details of what conversion data you want and your desired method for receiving it; LinkConnector’s IT team will then establish custom code (associated with your promotion of an approved merchant campaign) that we will maintain and run on our system each time we recognize you are credited for a conversion. We will then administer real-time alerts via email, text, a request to your URL (in various ways), or possibly cause your JavaScript to be loaded and evaluated in the user’s browser.

Let’s first walk through a trivial scenario—you wish to receive a text each time a conversion pays you over $1000 in commission and you want to know details. You’ll contact our Affiliate Relations team, ask to setup a Conversion Pixel Plugin that could have us text you (via LC’s system) at [email protected] to provide the following:

  1. A specified collection of names and values
  2. Only issue the alerts if the commission was over $1000

A more common scenario, and the simplest option for informing your system about each conversion is: the Postback URL. Let’s say your URL is and you would like to be provided with the following values for two specific merchants:

  1. ‘mid’ (merchantid)
  2. ‘comm’ (commission)
  3. ‘atid’ (affiliate code from credited click)

Our IT team establishes the plugin with the two merchant conditions and defines custom logic that loads the dynamic values into each Postback URL:

Our server customizes and does an HTTP request to call that URL whenever indicated. The upside: no dependency on going back to the client browser before then traveling to your server. The downside: no support for user cookies, multiple redirects or other client-side actions.

As another scenario, let’s say an affiliate really needs to have LinkConnector return JavaScript (or redirect to a URL in a no-script scenario). You would hand us the JavaScript, define the conditions under which we should send it, highlight any placeholders within it that we’re expected to substitute with dynamic values, and voila, that’s it!

Why choose this option? Should you or your tracking solution require the setting of user cookies and/or redirects before eventually causing your tracking solution to be contacted, then you must choose this option. The downside: you are dependent on returning to the client browser before then traveling to your server, and reliant on zero conflict with the merchant’s confirmation page that the user is also browsing. The upside: provides support for user cookies, multiple redirects or other client-side actions.

Our tech team can help diagnose issues that sometimes arise, especially involving the JavaScript option. We are, logically, somewhat limited to the extent in which non-LinkConnector resources are involved.

Many of our current affiliates take advantage of our Pixel Plugin capability with great success. We look forward to fulfilling this valuable solution for many more of you!

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