Trendy Halloween is kicking off its peak revenue season with online consumers top of mind for Halloween. The Southern California based company is operated by a family lineage of professional costume curators and fashion forecasting experts. It carries products from all the leading costume brands and decor manufacturers. Trendy Halloween is a top pick among LinkConnector affiliates heading into the end-of-year holiday season.

Dora Alfaro Director of Ecommerce & Marketing Trendy Halloween

Dora Alfaro
Director of Ecommerce & Marketing
Trendy Halloween

LinkConnector’s Merchant Support team recently spent time with Dora Alfaro, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing at Trendy Halloween, to gain insight into the success of its growing affiliate program. Here are some highlights from the interview:

What is it about your product that people love the most, or makes it stand out from your competitors?

Trendy Halloween customers count on our competitive prices, ideas, quick turnaround for inquiries and great customer service with every transaction. Year after year (since opening up our online shop in 2010) returning and new customers have voiced their enthusiasm in our leading wide selection of unique Halloween products. This is why our Spook Book campaign has been one of our strongest. The element of anticipation is there. Our customers get to see what is scheduled for arrival in time for the Halloween season.

Do you have any upcoming exciting news/products that your affiliates and customers should be on the lookout for?

Our unique offering of Halloween decorations are year-after-year highly anticipated by Halloween enthusiasts. Trendy Halloween’s buyers have a deep understanding of the Halloween industry. They’ve seen Halloween’s evolution long before it became the beloved booming holiday that we see today.
We buy intuitively and will be fully stocked up on this year’s trendiest licensed costumes such as Assassin’s Creed, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman, Superman and Lego. We’ve also extended our special effects makeup, accessories and wig offerings to cater to online vloggers/bloggers and cosplayers who like to build their own costumes.

The average Halloween celebrant is slated to spend $74 on decorations this year – as such we’ve increased our decor selection by at least 150%. All of this translates for our affiliates to a higher payout per transaction.

What seem to be the most effective affiliate promotional methods for your products?

Definitely emphasizing our tiered sale campaigns, which provide higher consumer discounts with increased order amounts, is an effective strategy for affiliates. . This type of deal can be splashed on different sites appealing to the everyday Halloween enthusiast to the advanced home haunter to just the seasonal mama shopper to spend a little more for their particular needs. Blogging about Halloween ideas and popular products for the year has helped us tremendously too.

What two or three traits stand out to you the most when selecting and working with an affiliate partner?  For example, responsiveness, innovation, ethics, industry knowledge, ability to turn volume?

An introductory line always, always catches my attention. I then look at innovation, relevance and finally how much activity the affiliate has. I’ll reach out to them for confirmation on the site if there is little to no activity, and ask them for secondary sites.

What are (or is) the top season(s) for Trendy Halloween products?

Halloween first and foremost, followed by Christmas. In recent years the cultural phenomenon known as cosplaying has also kept us busy throughout the year. Cosplayers attend different conventions for different ‘fandoms’ such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Furries… the biggest one of them all is San Diego’s ComicCon. People show up in costumes to celebrate their beloved characters.

How do you attract quality affiliates to your program?

Keeping a trendy, robust collection of banners for the different seasons and niches that involve costume dress-up has worked in our favor. Sending newsletters highlighting important products/offers is an absolute must. Also just maintaining good, quick communication with affiliates goes a long way.

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