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Whether the platform is Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, a podcast, or a blog; influencers and content creators are at the top of affiliate recruitment wish lists of almost all merchants. Stats shared by Shopify this year underscore the value of influencers for eCommerce brands — 61% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers more than the 38% that trust branded social media content.

Merchants are increasingly leveraging influencers and content creators within their affiliate programs as coveted relationships for authentic brand and product storytelling, as these partners help retailers reach and convert new customer audiences.

LinkConnector recognizes the challenges affiliate managers encounter when recruiting influencers and content partners, with many not accustomed to the monetization opportunities available through affiliate marketing. For instance, the unfamiliar quantitative tracking and performance-based commission payment may cause apprehension from an Influencer or blogger. And, traditional affiliate tracking links may not be supported in their platform of choice.

To help alleviate and overcome these challenges, LinkConnector provides the following solutions to make it easier for Influencers and content creators to earn on a performance basis:

Naked Coupon Technology allows for cookieless attribution of online orders without the need for a click or cookie. Merchants can empower influencers in promotional methods once not possible through affiliate marketing—through a podcast, Instagram post or even through offline promotion as examples.

Naked Link Technology enables content creators to link directly from their blog to the merchant’s website, absent the typical affiliate tracking link. The content partner simply needs to have their site approved to the merchant’s affiliate program.

FastPass Signup helps merchants give influencer partners VIP treatment by allowing immediate approval to the merchant’s program (bypassing LinkConnector’s review process) through a co-branded program signup link.

Influencer FastPass makes it possible for a short, simple application in the influencer’s language (e.g., social handle name rather than website URL) to gain approval for a merchant program and invite the partners to request personalized coupon codes.

These influencer and blogger-focused capabilities represent some of the many difference-makers LinkConnector merchants and affiliates have been experiencing for over 17 years.  Contact LinkConnector at [email protected] to learn how these functionalities could make a difference with your growth goals.

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