What is an API?

An Application Program Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software and applications. APIs specify how software components interact. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer.[1]

Why is an API beneficial?

The LinkConnector API gives affiliates the ability to pull reporting, campaign, promotion, link and feed data related to their account.  It can return data in CSV, JSON and XML formats, and supports many input parameters, which allow affiliates to filter the results based on only the data they desire.  Integration with the LinkConnector API allows you to pull data into your platform to automate previously manual data aggregation tasks, track commissionable events and gain instant feedback on A/B testing, post new promotions as soon as they are available, and many other useful applications which can help to increase your commissions.

How do I get started with the LinkConnector API?

I’ll preface this by saying that for many, just hearing the API acronym may immediately conjure the feeling of intimidation. Know that LinkConnector’s affiliate and merchant support teams are available to answer your questions and get you started in the right direction!

image-affiliate-api-02Once in your LinkConnector account, simply go to:
Tools >> API >> Create API Key  
Within the LinkConnector API documentation, you can easily view the various input and output parameters for each API function, sample integration code in PHP and ASP, and sample output in CSV, JSON, and XML formats.  All that is required to query data from our API is to make an HTTP POST to passing your API key and the API function you wish to run.

image-affiliate-api-01Since tracking commissionable events is an important way to measure ROI and do A/B testing for affiliates, it is not surprising that two of the most popular reporting API functions are the Transaction and Transaction Delta Reports.   The Transaction Report returns the current status of all commissionable events that have been credited to your account.  The Transaction Delta Report (especially useful for our Loyalty / Rewards affiliates) outlines any changes to those transactions—there is a line item for each transaction update and the associated delta date column indicates when that update occurred.  Both of these reports allow you to view the original and funded date for the associated merchant campaign, along with key performance metrics such as commission, sale amount, transaction status, invalidation reason, etc.

To get the latest merchant promotions and their related coupon codes, many of our affiliates regularly pull the Promotion Feed via our API.  The Promotion Feed returns the essential data needed (e.g., merchant name, logo, promo description, code, etc.), including the affiliate tracking URL—a big time saver for affiliates.  An hourly query of the Promotion Feed API Function allows you to promote new coupon codes immediately and automatically.


Integration with the LinkConnector API will help you to streamline your workflow—allowing you to focus your efforts on increasing your commissions rather than manually compiling data.  If you require API integration assistance, additional output fields, specific input filters, or even new API functions to meet your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our Affiliate Relations department.  We are happy to help with all of your needs. Everyone benefits from more effective promotion of our merchants.



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