LinkConnector’s Universal Tracking Solution (UTS) enables our merchants to execute tracking code dynamically for multi-network and in-house programs. This easy-to-use, robust, client-side solution has been deployed successfully by many of our merchant partners using various shopping cart providers.


While UTS is continuously evolving, the current version contains several notable features, such as:

  • Tracking code firing based upon the merchant’s attribution needs, which could be as simple as last click or first click attribution or more sophisticated to attribute based upon the clickstream and shopping cart window.
  • Automatic inclusion of promo/coupon codes, discounts and product information in the tracking code and subsequently populating as additional performance metrics within merchant reports.
  • Ability to phase in implementation by statically calling all network pixels for a set pre-determined period.
  • Seamless integration of LinkConnector technologies such as LC’s patented Naked Link Technology and Naked Coupons.
  • Email alerts sent during the testing phase which can continue when code goes live to enable instantaneous feedback.

UTS dynamically fires tracking code from one or more performance marketing networks based upon parameters unique to a merchant’s affiliate program needs. To learn more about implementation, uses and benefits of LinkConnector’s Universal Tracking Solution, reach out to our Merchant Relations team.

LinkConnector continues to evolve this product and welcomes input that will make UTS a solution that enhances affiliate programs across the board.

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