AM Days Punctuates Another Successful Trip to Affiliate Summit East

Last week Affiliate Summit East (ASE) wrapped up their 2022 installment in New York City, and the LinkConnector team was on hand once again to take in the in-person networking and connect with both existing and new affiliate, merchant and agency partners. As part of this year’s event, LinkConnector’s Choots Humphries (Co-Founder and Co-President) and Tara McCommons (VP of Sales and Marketing) were invited to present one of six AM Days workshops that took place at ASE over the course of two days. 

The AM Days series of workshops are the brainchild of affiliate marketing guru Geno Prussakov, who over the years has enlisted some of the most prominent names in the industry to educate attendees on a vast array of topics designed to enable success.

For their workshop, Tara and Choots used interactive breakout sessions to strategize on what’s possible with optimization techniques around unique affiliate program scenarios. More specifically, they covered the following topics:

Examples of two affiliate categories.

Affiliate Types: The workshop kicked off with an overview of the affiliate marketing landscape. Using specific examples, Tara and Choots ran attendees through various affiliate categories including loyalty, coupon, content, social influencers, technology solution providers, search engine marketing (SEM), subnetworks and more.

Tara & Choots explained how different affiliate types tend to perform within certain properties.

Properties of Affiliate Types: Once the attendees had a  grasp on the different types of affiliates, Tara and Choots discussed several properties that can be used to evaluate an affiliate’s value such as click volume, conversion rate, brand introduction, click value and revenue volume to name a few. Additionally, they explained how the different affiliate types tend to perform within each of these properties.

A major consideration when forming attribution strategies.

Attribution Strategies: After going over affiliate types and their various properties, it was time to talk strategy. This portion of the workshop included an explanation of first click vs. last click attribution and a breakdown of other key attribution-based topics including affiliate type prioritization, ignoring shopping cart cookies, cookieless coupon attribution and shared/varying commission structures. Above all, Tara and Choots stressed the importance of aligning your attribution based on your program goals and not the other way around.

One of three affiliate marketing scenarios that attendees were presented with.

Program Optimization Scenarios: Using all of the information that was covered, attendees were then presented with three different affiliate marketing scenarios and invited to break into groups where they worked together to come up with theoretical optimization strategies for each situation.

For Tara and Choots, this workshop was the highlight of yet another hugely successful trip to Affiliate Summit East, and they were thrilled with the passion and enthusiasm that this year’s attendees brought to the workshop. As we look ahead to ASW23, we can’t wait see what Geno has in store for everyone with his next series of AM Days workshops.

If you were unable to attend LinkConnector’s AM Days workshop at Affiliate Summit East but are interested in learning more about these and other important affiliate marketing topics, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are a seasoned vet or completely new to the performance marketing industry, our team wants to hear about your challenges. To connect with us, give us a call at 919.468.5150 or send an email with your availability to [email protected].

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