All Inclusive Marketing: Setting the Standard of Excellence in Affiliate Program Management

As we embark on a new year, many advertisers and merchants will be looking to test the affiliate marketing waters or fine-tune their management strategies for an existing program. While some may attempt to navigate the complex world of affiliate marketing in-house, a study by AM Navigator revealed that only 22% of CMOs have mastered affiliate marketing trends, highlighting the importance of working with a seasoned and knowledgeable agency.

With this in mind, LinkConnector will be presenting several exceptional agency partners in the coming months that are well worth consideration. In our first spotlight, we are thrilled to recommend All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) — a full-service affiliate and partnership management agency with all the tools to get your program on the right track.

Since its inception in 2009, AIM has been helping brands reach, engage, and convert its buyers and performance-based partnerships. AIM designs and delivers best-in-class strategy, expertise, and execution of scalable, strategic affiliate marketing programs to its ever-growing roster of clients, and has been recognized by the industry year after year.

Their mission, vision, and purpose are all the same: Set the standard of excellence in affiliate program management worldwide.

LinkConnector caught up with Scarlett Dixon, Global Growth Solutions Manager, to learn more about AIM and the many benefits that they offer their clients.

LC: Tell us about the differentiating services that AIM offers.

SD: I would be happy to! Currently, we offer a wide range of services from program setup and launch to full-service program management. While the full-service management obviously will take care of the day-to-day operations of your program and necessities like recruitment, we also offer ad-hoc services to suit your specific needs.

If you’re looking to migrate your program to another platform, we will use our expertise and network connections to facilitate a seamless transition. If your goal is portfolio diversification, our team of recruitment professionals collaborates with a variety of partners essential for your program. In a nutshell, we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we make sure no matter the service, we tailor our offerings and strategies to the unique needs of your brand.

“With 100+ years of experience among us, our passion and commitment to growth and innovation is stronger than ever.”
Scarlett Dixon, AIM Global Growth Solutions Manager

LC: 2023 was a big year for AIM awards and recognition! What’s the secret to your success?

SD: Thank you! It’s truly been a humbling experience to receive the recognition we have. Especially during such a transformative year for not only AIM, but the industry as a whole. And, to be honest, it comes down to our team. With 100+ years of experience among us, our passion and commitment to growth and innovation is stronger than ever. Plus, we have amazing partners and clients that we work with, which makes it even easier.

All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Recent Recognition.
All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) 2023 Awards and Accolades.

LC: What are some key benefits of working with an agency vs. managing a program in-house?

SD: When choosing an agency over in-house management, there are definitely notable advantages such as cost-efficiency — saving on salaries and overhead. Agencies also provide access to experienced teams, well-connected networks, and advanced technologies. Meaning, you hit the ground running versus training, researching, and networking. Additionally, agencies ensure scalability, swiftly handling growth without losing momentum.

LC: What’s the best way for a brand to get started with AIM?

SD: It’s easy! Simply fill out our form to get in contact with us and either I or another team member will reach out to you. From there, we’ll go over some questions to get a better idea of what your brand’s goals and objectives are to see what the right fit would be.

AIM’s global team is located throughout Canada, the U.S., and Europe and is happy to serve you and help your program grow in the right way, with the right audience, and the right partnerships for your brand.

If you would like to learn more about All Inclusive Marketing’s affiliate marketing services, LinkConnector encourages you to reach out to one of AIM’s seasoned experts who will be happy to provide you with further information and guidance.

About Scarlett Dixon, AIM Global Growth Solutions Manager
With extensive international experience across Europe, China, the US, and Canada, Scarlett excels in driving revenue and brand visibility, and with expertise in developing and executing tailored affiliate programs, she has successfully collaborated with a diverse range of clients in e-commerce, technology, and finance industries. Additionally, Scarlett is known for her exceptional relationship-building skills, providing personalized support and guidance.

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For more industry insights: Check out AIM’s resources page ­- a treasure trove of insightful blog posts, infographics, guides, videos, case studies, and more.

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