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In the dynamic digital landscape of 2024, brands are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role that affiliate marketing can play in driving growth, increasing profit and enhancing visibility.

A recent study found that over 80% of brands utilize an affiliate program1, and by 2027, the affiliate marketing industry is expected to be worth a whopping $27.78 billion.2 That said, AM Navigator notes that only 22% of CMOs have mastered affiliate marketing trends, highlighting the importance of working with a seasoned and knowledgeable agency.

LinkConnector’s latest blog series features several exceptional agency partners that can help brands make sense of the current performance marketing environment and work with them to get their programs on the right track. In our latest installment, we put the spotlight on eAccountable – a Denver based digital marketing agency, hyper-focused on growing revenue for its clients.

Since 2001, eAccountable has been a trusted partner to hundreds of companies in a wide assortment of verticals. For eAccountable, getting partners where they need to go could involve a number of approaches; from revitalizing an underperforming affiliate program, to building a brand presence on social media, to retooling an Amazon program for exponential growth and everything in between. Often, it’s a combination of strategies, but eAccountable ultimately has one simple motto – if it doesn’t help you sell, they don’t do it!

LinkConnector recently connected with eAccountable Senior Director, Teresa Grammatke, to hear her insights and delve deeper into the offerings and advantages that eAccountable provides to its clients.

What excites you most about eAccountable’s company culture?

TG: We have four core values at eAccountable, one of which is Ride or Die. I see this both in our commitment to our clients’ success as well as in our commitment to one another. We truly care about the clients and each other and definitely go the extra mile. I love working for a company that has a strong passion for what we do. 

Tell us about the services that eAccountable offers?

TG: Affiliate marketing is still our largest service offering but we have grown tremendously in the last few years in other areas, including Amazon Marketplace Management, Paid Media, SEO and Email Marketing. We also are part of a family-owned holding company called MarketOnce and have sister companies who provide marketing research and direct mail. 

“I firmly believe that the most important factor is not the size of the agency, but the people. Affiliate marketing is a relationship business.”
-Teresa Grammatke, eAccountable Senior Director

How does eAccountable set itself apart with its affiliate management services?

TG: Because we are full service, we look at everything holistically, whether we are just managing a merchant’s affiliate program or doing all of their digital marketing. We also have an extremely experienced team who love affiliate marketing. Additionally, we have two full-time PR team members who are fully integrated into our affiliate marketing team and are 100% focused on content commerce.

What criteria do you consider when partnering with a merchant?

TG: The main question is, do we feel confident we can help them grow their affiliate marketing business? We turn away prospective clients often if we feel like they aren’t a good fit, or in the right place where we can make a difference.  

What is one affiliate marketing trend that you are particularly excited about in 2024?

TG: I love all of the advancements in technology: deeper levels of reporting to help us see incrementality, click paths, new tools entering the space, the integration of AI; more and more capabilities to pay partners dynamically. All of these help us to make smart decisions for our clients, find optimal partners and help our clients to spend their marketing dollars wisely. 

What are some key factors that merchants tend to overlook when choosing an affiliate management agency?

TG: I firmly believe that the most important factor is not the size of the agency, but the people. Affiliate marketing is a relationship business. Look on LinkedIn to see connections – they should be super connected to those in the industry. Do they attend events? Do they participate in industry thought leadership? Do you feel confident they know the industry and the people in it to make the smartest decisions for you? Do they have evidence of success stories?

What are some favorite resources that your team uses to stay up to date with industry trends and technology advancements?

TG: We believe it’s extremely important to attend industry trade shows and networking events. This is a great way to learn about new trends and technologies, and to meet new publishers as well as keep up with existing ones. We are active members of the PMA (Performance Marketing Association) that regularly produce educational content and webinars. eAccountable also participates in Martech Record webinars and events. For eAccountable’s PR side, we are members of PRNet.  

Congratulations on your numerous 2023 and 2024 Clutch Awards recognitions!

TG: Thanks! The Clutch Awards recognize top agencies in order to help companies evaluate who they should work with. eAccountable is proud of the awards we win, as we feel like this is third-party validation of what we say we deliver on. When we win awards like the Clutch Awards or USPA awards, we hope it emphasizes our commitment to quality.  We feel confident our team is the best, so we appreciate the endorsements these provide.

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About Teresa Grammatke, Senior Director at eAccountable
Teresa has been doing affiliate marketing since 2006, growing clients’ affiliate programs and supporting their digital marketing efforts. 

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1 Rakuten/Forrester Research Study
2 Proficient Marketing Insights

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