Season 3 of the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast delivers more insights from industry leaders.

If you’re a performance marketing professional or enthusiast in search of your next podcast fix, look no further than the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast presented by JEBCommerce CEO Jamie Birch—a treasure trove of inside information and regular discussions with some of the top minds in our industry.

About Jamie: Jamie Birch is a 20-year veteran of the affiliate marketing industry and a longtime LinkConnector friend and partner. His wide-ranging experience has given him a wealth of knowledge in areas ranging from online marketing and customer retention to email marketing and paid search.

As the founder of JEBCommerce, Jamie, along with his phenomenal team, has been helping JEB’s diverse list of clients succeed with services that include new customer acquisition, behavior analysis, and performance optimization.

Jamie Birch, host of Profitable Performance Marketing

About the Podcast: Perfect for affiliate marketers both old and new, The Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast features in-depth conversations with industry experts of every stripe. Listeners get the inside scoop on generating revenue and running a profitable affiliate channel from prominent affiliates, merchants, networks, and more.

LinkConnector Co-Founder and CEO, Choots Humphries and Jamie Birch have enjoyed a longstanding partnership that dates back well over a decade. Recently, Choots returned to the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast for the second time to discuss a range of timely performance marketing topics.

Choots Humphries, LinkConnector Co-Founder & CEO, Season 03, Episode #006
In Season 3, Episode 6 of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast, Choots and Jamie examine the world of browser extensions by tracing the historical progression of these digital tools and uncovering the factors contributing to their widespread usage today. Learn about the effective management of browser extensions by advertisers and how they affect attribution.

Additionally, the conversation delves into the ever-relevant subject of Google Analytics and introduces the upcoming certification for click tracking. It’s an information-packed episode that you won’t want to miss!

Want to hear more? Check out previous episodes of the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast featuring LinkConnector Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tara McCommons, and Choots Humphries’ inaugural appearance from Season 1!

Tara McCommons, LinkConnector Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Season 01, Episode #017
In this episode of Profitable Performance Marketing, Jamie and LinkConnector’s Tara McCommons discuss influencers, non-traditional affiliates, and advanced commissioning. Plus, Jamie and Tara dive into LinkConnector innovations, Tara’s performance marketing journey, and her selection as one of PerformanceIN’s Top 50 Industry Players.

Choots Humphries, LinkConnector Co-Founder & CEO, Season 01, Episode #002
In the second installment of Profitable Performance Marketing, Jamie and LinkConnector Co-Founder Choots Humphries cover a variety of intriguing topics including leadership in uncertain times, LinkConnector’s role in developing groundbreaking industry technology, and advice for running a successful affiliate network.

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