LinkConnector Needs Your Vote!

Affiliate marketing is all about collaboration, trust and results. At LinkConnector we are dedicated to delivering exceptional affiliate marketing solutions, and we are humbled to have been voted a Top 10 Cost-Per-Sale Network in mThink’s annual Blue Book Survey for over a decade straight.

The 2024 Blue Book Survey polls are now open, and we invite you, our valued merchant, affiliate and agency partners, to lend your support once again by voting LinkConnector as your Top CPS Affiliate Marketing Network. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and we would be honored for your endorsement, specifically in questions 4 and 6.

Why Vote for LinkConnector?

Trusted Relationships – For nearly 20 years, LinkConnector has been earning the trust of affiliates and merchants and providing the transparency for new growth to ignite. This is demonstrated In our yearly top 10 ranking in mThink’s Blue Book Survey, and our continuous recognition across the performance marketing industry for our dedication to partner success and advancement. This includes being named a Gold Winners in the “Together, We Solved That” category at the 2023 US Partnership Awards.

Innovative Technologies – Innovation is a hallmark of LinkConnector’s culture and an expected deliverable by our customers. LinkConnector continually develops new technologies and enhances existing functionality to empower sustainable relationships and performance results ofour partners.  This includes LinkConnector’s Naked Coupons and AI-Powered affiliate recruitment tools.

Smaller Network, Bigger Results – LinkConnector takes great pride in our human touch approach to accommodate for unique needs of our merchant, affiliate and agency partners. Our team boasts over 100 years of combined industry experience which is invaluable for problem solving and setting our clients up for success. This recent case study is just one example demonstrating customer success.

Your vote in the 2024 mThink Blue Book survey is not just a simple click but a powerful endorsement that showcases your trust and confidence in our network. It’s a testament to our strong partnership and your belief in our capabilities – and we don’t take this for granted.

Together, we will continue to excel and redefine the standards of excellence and innovation in our industry. Cast your vote for LinkConnector today, in questions 4 and 6, and let’s reach new heights together in 2024!

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