I grew up in the South.  I love the South!  While I am not proud of all that occurs in the South (e.g., NC House Bill 2), it is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  The South has the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and gorgeous beaches that can consume your time and refill your soul.  And, Southern people are some of the best in the world, so genuine, friendly and always willing to lend a hand.  One of the greatest aspects of the South is its steep tradition passed down from generation to generation.

One such Southern tradition, passed down from my grandmother to me, is superstition.  I don’t walk under ladders (which is just plain common sense).  When I split a pole when walking with a group of loved ones, I say ‘bread and butter’.  When someone tries to pass me salt directly, I do not accept (along with their bad luck).  And, heaven forbid I spill salt without throwing some of it over my left shoulder.  But, a superstition I never bought into was the number 13 being unlucky (unless, of course, it is paired with a Friday).

So many people and cultures feel the number 13 is unlucky, citing origins ranging from The Last Supper’s thirteenth member (Judas) to the Knights Templar infamous slaughter on Friday, October 13, 1307.  Respecting this superstition, companies avoid using the number 13 on labels—some hotel chains skip the thirteenth floor.  But, I have never feared the number 13—even when I met Jason for the first time on screen in 1980.

When my kids each turned 13, I was warned about the ‘terrible teens’.  Rebellion, adolescent angst and poor decision-making skills were all equated to the 13th year of childhood—also known as the beginning of the teenage years.  Perhaps, I am one of the fortunate few.  But, my two remarkable children have shown me what I expected from 13—a mature and thoughtful transition to adulthood and global perspective.  And, that is exactly what LC’s customers should expect from LinkConnector (LC) in its 13th year.

LinkConnector turned 13 this month.  We have survived and thrived in our rebellious phase as we took on the industry with paradigm shifting technologies.  And, these technologies are significantly benefiting our customers and the industry today.  LC has been advocating and talking about the importance of considering attribution since day one despite heavy resistance.  We welcome our competition to the discussion about how important it is to reward value throughout the sale cycle.

And despite our mature age, I commit to our customers that our rebellion won’t stop. We will continue to catalyze the industry for growth with new technologies: compliance technologies, cross-platform tracking technologies (did I mention I was laughed out of a room just three years ago from suggesting such was possible?), and generally, a different way of thinking about the Performance Marketing model. At the same time, our roots in the industry, and within our valued relationships, will continue to deepen as our influence spreads—we hold responsibility for the performance marketing industry and what it is today, the good and the bad.

I work in LC with talented, hardworking people in an industry of genuine and outstanding thought leaders. Watch LC in our 13th year push harder for our customers and for the Performance Marketing model.  Watch our fervor and dedication continue to shape and grow this industry.

I am very lucky and welcome the number 13! This will be a significant year for LC.

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