LinkConnector has good news. LC merchants can now leverage UpSellit’s suite of customer recovery products, such as email remarketing and onsite conversion optimization, with little extra effort. This is made possible by LC’s complete integration of UpSellit’s products into our Universal Tracking System (UTS) and tag management system.

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We are thrilled to drive increased conversions and profitability for more LC merchants with this next phase of our partnership with LinkConnector. Complete network integration means LC merchants gain seamless access to USI technologies, removing barriers of entrance.Jeremy Aaronson, Vice President, Sales, UpSellit



LC merchants do not need to make a separate request to their tech team to enable UpSellit within their shopping cart—merchants need pass only a single variable in their UTS solution. Merchants also have direct access to the USI team for training, tailored messaging or data analytics and support.

UpSellit is focused on educating merchants about their website and opportunities for increased conversions. Several LinkConnector merchants were able to utilize UpSellit’s products as soon as their campaign launched within LinkConnector—immediately taking advantage of USI behavioral conversion strategies and technologies. UpSellit is always quick to hop on a call with a merchant and to answer any questions and review product performance.John Nardolilli, Director of Affiliate Relations, LinkConnector


If you are an LC merchant, consider increasing conversions and maximizing profitability with this new plug and play solution from LC and UpSellit. Contact our merchant support team for help or to get started.

Read more on our press release.

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