Merchant Managers: Do You Understand Your Pixels?

Ensuring proper code implementation to prevent duplicate crediting across multiple networks may seem like basic account management knowledge, but that isn’t always the case. LinkConnector has observed that on average, 20% of affiliate events have multiple affiliate clicks involved in the same transaction – this can lead to a substantial leakage of marketing dollars covering the same conversion. Read More...


2016 Affiliate State of the Union

Day two of Affiliate Management Days kicked off with the 2016 Affiliate State of the Union; this keynote panel, comprised of leading industry influencers, sat side-by-side in a brightly lit green room to debate today’s most pressing affiliate marketing issues. Robert Glazer of Acceleration Partners moderated the panel, which included Brian Littleton of Shareasale, Todd Crawford of Impact Radius, Maura Smith of eBay Enterprises, Adam Martin of Performance Horizon and Choots Humphries of LinkConnector.


The New Rules Of Engagement

LinkConnector’s Director of Marketing, Jackie Lane Bates, spoke at the Performance Marketing Summit (#PMS15) in San Francisco today on driving brand and SEO in today’s interconnected world. Her presentation was titled, The New Rules of Engagement—read on to learn more about how businesses must humanize their brand today is stand out and succeed.

In 2015, we are connected more than ever before. Facebook has roughly 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAUs), 1.3 billion mobile MAUs and is valued at $248 billion. In 2015, Facebook has grown to be more populous than China! LinkedIn has 347 MAUs and is valued at $23 billion. Twitter closely follows with 284 million MAUs and a valuation of $19 billion. Connections are everything.