mThink Interview: Riding or Missing the Q4 Wave

mThink Blue Ribbon Panel Member, Jackie Bates, recently sat down with Revenue to discuss current trends in performance marketing. Here, we shine a light on Q4 strategy for merchants and two other trending topics.


Put yourself in the position of a clothing or cosmetics advertiser CMO coming into the holiday season.

What are the main points of your plan for the next four months?
By how much should your media budget increase?                                                                                                                                                                                            What kind of return should you expect? Read More


The Secret Weapon: How your Network Rep Can Help You Earn More

Are you a blogger or an influencer looking for more ways to monetize your content? You may be overlooking a crucial tool: your affiliate network!

Often, influencers and bloggers don’t realize how important their partnership is to a merchant’s online marketing goals, or that their affiliate network can be their advocate and catalyst to relevant merchants. If you haven’t talked to your affiliate rep in a while, it might be a good time to reach out and ask for suggestions or discuss technologies you might not be familiar with. Read More


Struggling to Capture and Grow Affiliate Relationships?

When merchants ask why their affiliate program isn’t delivering optimal results, the answer is often simple. Not reaching out to affiliates, having outdated creatives or simply not inviting affiliates to join your affiliate campaign can sabotage your program’s growth.  Here are five strategies that work to entice affiliates to actively and effectively promote your brand. Read More


Are you a Major League Player?

As affiliate marketers, we are hustlers. Pivoting our strategies around industry shifts and wearing multiple hats while keeping our eye on the ball(s) has become common practice, and how we thrive. Just as in baseball, there are players in our industry that outperform others—those that are called up to the major leagues and (sometimes unknowingly) manifest themselves as mentors for others to learn from. Read More...


YoY Growth in Affiliate Marketing

The results are out for two of the largest reports in the performance marketing industry: the AffiliateBenchmarks Report and the AffStat Report. LinkConnector is honored to be recognized as a top 10 network in both reports for another consecutive year. Use the findings from these insightful reports to push the needle forward in 2017 with your affiliate program. Read More...


Affiliate Marketers for President | Election Day

The earliest polls opened at 6:00 AM EST to kick off Election Day 2016. As you know, Affiliate Marketers for President, parts one and two have presented a thorough analysis of revenue resulting from affiliate marketing promotion by LinkConnector affiliates and merchants in each U.S. state (and D.C.). Leading up to week four of cumulative revenue data, neither the Affiliate party nor the Merchant party had achieved the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Affiliate Marketing Election. LC affiliates, however, have maintained a slight lead over LC merchants throughout the entirety of this race. The affiliates’ consistent campaign promotional efforts over the last four weeks have paid off, and have ultimately earned them bragging rights. Read More...


Affiliate Marketers for President | Part 2

In the four weeks leading up to the Presidential Election, we are keeping a close eye on revenue resulting from Affiliate Marketing promotion in each state. The affiliate marketing electoral map represents online revenue attributed to LinkConnector merchants and affiliates between 10/10/16 and 10/30/16—a three-week timeframe. Total revenue numbers determine a winner in each state, and the state’s electoral votes are awarded to the appropriate party. Read More...