2017 Challenges in Technology

It is the end of 2016 which was a good year for LinkConnector and our technology. So, it is time to look forward to 2017 and the technology challenges and opportunities it will present. Instead of simply taking a parochial view of LinkConnector’s technology, let's look at the technology challenges facing the performance marketing industry in the next year. Read More...


Your Guide to API Integration

The LinkConnector API gives affiliates the ability to pull reporting, campaign, promotion, link and feed data related to their account. It can return data in CSV, JSON and XML formats, and supports many input parameters, which allow affiliates to filter the results based on only the data they desire. Integration with the LinkConnector API allows you to pull data into your platform to automate previously manual data aggregation tasks, track commissionable events and gain instant feedback on A/B testing, post new promotions as soon as they are available, and many other useful applications which can help to increase your commissions. Read More...


Cross Platform Tracking: A Breakthrough in Affiliate Marketing Technology

We are constantly connected through our use of multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, Xbox 360, the Tesla dashboard, etc. It turns out that of the primary digital devices (phones, tablets, and computers) 66% of us own two and 36% own all three devices. How does this work for performance marketers? LinkConnector's tech team has developed an advanced technology called Cross Platform Tracking (CPT), which not only tracks cross promotions by device, but also tracks it by browser.

The Power of Your Promotions

Most shoppers are on the hunt for bargains today. Consumers are waiting to use their credit cards until they have a coupon in hand. Our current economic climate has created exceptional opportunities for merchants to run promotions. When you arm your affiliate partners with a coupon code or free shipping offer, they are much better equipped to close the sale and increase revenues. Read More


While this technology is not new, in fact, in place since 2006, it is a powerful resource for LC affiliates.  So, we thought we’d get this information out again.

What is an ATID?

The Affiliate Tracking Identifier, or ATID, is the portion of the LinkConnector (LC) tracking code that belongs to you—the affiliate.  You can use the ATID variable to track anything you wish to track starting with the initial click to LC all the way to the final sale with a merchant.  This optional variable can be used (by you) to track simple things like click source (e.g., homepage, site map, newsletter, Google, etc.) to complex, multi-variable codes that are meaningful only to you and/or your personal optimization efforts (e.g., 0019f3c4tt52la09912).  LinkConnector stores the ATID variable value you pass to us in each click and records this value as part of every transaction related to this click.  Then, through LC reporting, you can filter and sort your promotional results by the full ATID value or by specific segments of the ATID values. Read More