Empower Your Affiliate Influencers

Eighty-one percent of U.S. merchants surveyed in a 2016 Forrester report have turned to affiliate marketing in search of differentiated marketing content or new opportunities for driving ad revenue to their sites. Couple this with nearly half of marketers in the U.S. that plan to ramp up budget for influencer-focused campaigns in 2017 (eMarketer) and you will see a key commonality between two seemingly unrelated statistics: a strong need for brands to break through digital marketing barriers, such as channel saturation and device overload, to effectively reach their target audience. Read More...


Your Guide to API Integration

The LinkConnector API gives affiliates the ability to pull reporting, campaign, promotion, link and feed data related to their account. It can return data in CSV, JSON and XML formats, and supports many input parameters, which allow affiliates to filter the results based on only the data they desire. Integration with the LinkConnector API allows you to pull data into your platform to automate previously manual data aggregation tasks, track commissionable events and gain instant feedback on A/B testing, post new promotions as soon as they are available, and many other useful applications which can help to increase your commissions. Read More...


Merchant Managers: Do You Understand Your Pixels?

Ensuring proper code implementation to prevent duplicate crediting across multiple networks may seem like basic account management knowledge, but that isn’t always the case. LinkConnector has observed that on average, 20% of affiliate events have multiple affiliate clicks involved in the same transaction – this can lead to a substantial leakage of marketing dollars covering the same conversion. Read More...


Cross Platform Tracking: A Breakthrough in Affiliate Marketing Technology

We are constantly connected through our use of multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, Xbox 360, the Tesla dashboard, etc. It turns out that of the primary digital devices (phones, tablets, and computers) 66% of us own two and 36% own all three devices. How does this work for performance marketers? LinkConnector's tech team has developed an advanced technology called Cross Platform Tracking (CPT), which not only tracks cross promotions by device, but also tracks it by browser.

Is Your Campaign on Cruise Control?

It’s easy to let happen–you do the initial work of uploading creatives, testing tracking and writing a description–and vavoom, you’re active!  The problem is, though, that very few campaigns (if any) thrive on auto-pilot.  You’ve already done the hard work of establishing your presence in the network.  You might as well reap the rewards of your effort with further investment.  For Self-Managed Accounts, here are a few ways you can give your campaign a quick check-up, and places can you tweak to increase your returns. Read More